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5-Night Shamanic Inka Light Body Retreat

Price £990

Including B&B Accommodation, enhanced personal service, 8 hours of work on the Luminous Energy Field, sourcing practices from the Andes, South America. Group Savings are available for the Inka Light Body Retreat (excluding the Illumination Process which is a healing session for individuals). The contents of your retreat are pre-agreed according to the options listed below. Contact Rosemary on 01458 832157 or 07906 865717 to discuss retreat contents.

The Inka Energy Tradition

This retreat will help you relate to yourself as an energetic being, a light being. By the end of it you will have cleared a lot of heavy, stuck emotional energy and you will have acquired some basic tools to continue practice at home.

The Inka Tradition is one of the most refined indigenous energy teachings in the world. The keepers of the Tradition are called Paqos, some of whom became high level master teachers creating different lineages of masters as the teachings were passed down orally over the centuries.

The Inka Tradition comprises a comprehensive set of “energy exercises”, whereby the student learns to relate to and move the “living energy”, known as the Kawsay, a concept similar to Chi, Ki and Prana. The Kawsay has two fundamental expressions: light energy (known as sami); and heavy energy (known as jucha). The student learns to move light and heavy energy within their bodies, within their energy bubbles and between themselves and the greater external powers, for example, Mother Earth (known as Pachamama).

The aim of this tradition is to clear the physical body and energetic field to the point where it may visibly glow, as in Christ’s transfiguration and the Buddha’s enlightenment. In Andean ancient times the true candidate for the role of top ruler (Sappa Inka) had to visibly glow during the ceremonies designed to select the leader of the Empire. The many beautiful practices of this tradition are organised for spiritual evolution and self-realisation.

This Retreat draws on a sample of teachings from Don Juan Ñunez del Prado and Alberto Villoldo who have both worked extensively with indigenous master teachers, to become global communicators on the energy practices of the Andes.
Component 1. Saminchakuy Ayni (The Sacred Exchange of Making Light Flow).

This is a simple, elegant exercise that: clears heavy emotional energy form the body and energy bubble; strengthens and nourishes the body and energy bubble; increases visionary ability over time; and connects us in sacred exchange with the pure, masculine and feminine archetypes of the cosmos/upper world and Mother Earth/Pachamama. This practice forms the basis for Components 4. and 5.

Component 2. The Bands of Power and Protection

This is a rite (transmission) that awakens the light pathways or “bands” in the luminous energy field, which are traced by special ceremonial stones called Muju Khuyas (“seed stones”). Muju Khuyas are the means of planting seeds of power into ones being, which grow over time if nurtured. They dismantle out-dated self-protective mechanisms that no longer serve us. This session combines receiving the rite and coaching on it.

Component 3. Illumination Process:

Choose one Illumination Process, or two Illumination Processes working on different trauma imprints each time. We discuss re-occurring emotional patterns or repeating events and scan for the trauma imprint in the Luminous Energy Field, also testing for the associated chakra. We combine working with sacred stones, a special breathing technique called “Fire Breath” and Mother Jaguar (a power animal of the tradition) to completely clear the chakra of heavy energy. Once the chakra tests clear, it is filled with light from the Sacred, as is the whole energy bubble.

Component 4. Birth Initiation – Wachay.

The participant uses powerful Saminchakuy (Component 1) to clear all life events of heavy energy from present day backwards to conception in a flowing recapitulation process. At the point of conception, the participant invites their parents into their energy bubble to be cleared of heavy energy by the powerful stream of cosmic light. The participant may experience themselves as spiritual essence coming into being and when they feel ready to be born, they leave the room and sense the outside world anew.

Component 5. Death Inititiation – Wañuy

We visit an imaginary death experience which holds a particular fear for the participant, e.g. dying alone. Powerful Saminchakuy (Component 1) is used to strip away the heavy energy from the imagined experience. Then the participant looks beneath to see what life events created this particular death fear. Saminchakuy is again applied to clear away the related heavy energy. We may imagine actual death then briefly sense the very start of the onward journey. Finally, the client leaves the room, goes outside cleansed, to enter a new world.

As Wachay and Wañuy are repeated over time, our lives become lighter and lighter, freer and freer. Repeating Wañuy can help you influence the ease of your final death experience.

Options: Your Inka Light Body Retreat can be composed of the following combinations, by prior arrangement.
Components 1, 2, 3 & 4; Components 1, 2, 3 & 5; Components 1, 2, 3 & 3; Components 1, 3, 3 & 4; Components 1, 3, 3 & 5; or Components 1, 3, 4 & 5.