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Whilst orthodox allopathic medicine saves millions of lives and performs many miracles, unheard of prior to the development of new technologies, it still cannot fully address the complexity of a human mind, body and soul. In addition, each year thousands of people suffer the often severe side effects of allopathic drugs and surgery.

We all want to heal in a way that is as safe as possible and for this reason, there are stringent controls on the many types of therapy that are available alongside orthodox medicine. Today we are witnessing a revival of many ancient healing modalities and the creation of many new ones as a result of greater consciousness. At Healing Waters we offer a comprehensive range of therapies. All our therapists are professionally qualified and insured, experienced and empathic with a desire and willingness to be of service.

Please select from the side menu for more information about the various therapies we offer. To book or to inquire further about treatments, please contact us directly and we would be more than happy to help you. Founder of Healing Waters, Juliet Yelverton, drawing upon many years of experience as a healer/therapist can help you find the treatment that will most benefit you.


Therapies are priced at £80 per hour, £115 per hour and a half and £140 per 2 hours. In cases where the therapy is a different price, it will be stated on the relevant page.

Only £80 per hour therapies are included in the 4-night retreat which includes 3 hours of therapies and the Healing Pyramid.