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Shamanic Healing and Retreats

Therapist: Rosemary Taylor


£145 for a two hour session. The usual length of a session and appropriate for a first meeting.
£115 for a one and a half hour session, when the practice is shorter or when the client is able to complete a process more quickly.


“It is my heartfelt intention to empower you and I am privileged to hold your experience in sacred trust. You may feel enabled beyond your comfort zone, or energised because you’ve completed a spiritual initiation, or clearer on healthy boundaries, or inspired by the magic of your inner journey, or you may feel reconnected to Self, divine love and your innate creativity. If so you have felt the alchemy of an interaction with the Great Spirit” Rosemary Taylor

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is based on the oldest healing practices used by indigenous peoples in, for example, the Americas, Siberia and Northern Europe. These traditions share some similarities, including: working with animal spirit guides; a particular focus on retrieving fragmented soul energy (an ancient approach to trauma); and rites and ceremony to help people transition through the challenging initiatory phases of the life journey.
Shamanic Healing is a “top-down” approach to healing, working with the compromised or blocked spiritual energies that influence the manifestation of illness or imbalance on the mental, emotional and physical levels of experience.
A shamanic practitioner usually seeks spiritual guidance to base subsequent healing work upon. The methods for obtaining guidance could include divination (runes and tarot), or a light trance state induced by the beat of a drum, known as Shamanic Journeying. Diagnostic pendulum dowsing and muscle testing can also be employed.

Could Shamanic Healing Help You?

If you would like to investigate the underlying spiritual causes of illness, disempowerment or misfortune, then yes. You may feel something is missing from your life or that a logical or material approach is not enough to support you through a difficult challenge. The absent “x-factor” may be a sense of purpose or wholeness, a sense of self, a connection to love or an expression of creativity. There might be a feeling stopping you from taking opportunities and moving forward. If deep down you know these factors are involved in your state of health and well-being, Shamanism could help.

Investigation may involve questioning your assumptions and changing your perspective on reality, because shamanic healing goes beyond “everyday reality”, your familiar “here and now”. We work in the shamanic realms known as the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds, which broadly equate to: the higher consciousness; the invisible, subtle energies that exist within our ordinary “here and now”; and the subconscious.

Shamanic Healing is not intended as a substitute for conventional medicine and people should still investigate worrying symptoms with their GP. However, it complements conventional medicine by holding space for the soul’s challenges upon its Earth-walk. How you approach your healing is your choice and responsibility.

What Might You Experience in a Shamanic Healing Session?

How the work is done depends on whether an individual feels they can participate in their process. I use an interactive approach working with a client’s perceptions, dialoguing as we go and reaching conclusions together. Traditionally the Shaman did all the journeying and the energy work for the client , which is the second option. Work covered includes:

• Empowerment and Protection. We journey for a power animal in the lower world to strengthen the client’s energy field with a healing and protective energy (Power Retrieval). Or I can give a Andean Rite called the Bands of Power and Protection, awakening light pathways in the client’s energy field. Coaching on practice at home is included.

• Clearing Heavy Energy and Trauma Imprints. I can teach an Andean exercise to clear stuck emotional energy from the body and its invisible energy system (Saminchakuy Ayni). For hardened, heavy energy lodged in the body that originates from an external source (an intrusion), a Shamanic Extraction Process may be appropriate. Cord-cutting is a ceremony that addresses the heavy emotional entanglements which appear like psychic cords or ties between people. An Illumination Process, from the Andean tradition, erases trauma imprints held in the luminous energy field, clearing the programme for emotional patterns or repeating events and the associated clogged chakra. If appropriate, compassionate Releasement can be performed when lost earthbound souls form attachments to living people, causing a heavy, draining emotional effect.

• Healing the Deep Past. Some trauma imprints may source back to previous unhealed Ancestral and Past Life experiences. Journey- work can explore and release the events that created trauma. This lifts subconsciously self-imposed limitations in your current life. Alternatively an Illumination Process can erase the trauma imprints of the deep past.

• Healing Psychic Attack. Guidance / diagnosis is employed to check if Psychic Attack is the issue. If so, I address it with a multi-level Three Worlds Clearing that: explores the circumstances that created psychic “Velcro” between the client and the psychic assailant; eradicates the trauma imprints which created the adhesive dynamic; and checks the karma is resolved at the highest level of consciousness. This takes two to three sessions.
• Healing Trauma – Soul Retrieval. I offer classic and contemporary methods of Soul Retrieval to address the widespread phenomenon of Soul Loss (or trauma). We journey into spirit to locate the soul-light that escaped to protect itself from fully feeling a traumatic event

I prefer a staged approach over four sessions which helps the client: find a supportive power animal to assist with soul healing; pinpoint the original traumatic event; identify the restrictive, self-protective behaviours that arose out of the trauma; and rediscover their lost light so it can be integrated into the energy body again. Or a shorter Soul Retrieval Journey can be facilitated over a two-hour session.

• Shamanic Journeying. Guidance is gained for the client regarding their situation using the drumbeat of a Shamanic Journey, giving them the option to act or not, as they see fit. The guidance from a journey is often used as the basis for deeper healing work. A two-hour session may be used to teach the rudiments of journeying to an individual

• Shamanic Energy Channelling. The client simply receives healing energies transmitted from the shamanic guides through the drum, rattle and the “misha” (a traditional Andean medicine bundle). Feedback given afterwards.
• Rune Divination and Energy Practice. This session combines rune divination* with rune energy practice or healing. The Runes are symbols with meanings that can be consulted to help you to create a better experience of life. They are also visual and sound tools which can be used energetically to help manifest the healing or transformation they advise. Contact me to discuss options available

• Shamanic Coaching. Your two-hour session can be used to: learn space clearance; learn about the medicine wheel; make your own power animal medicine wheel; learn how to journey into the shamanic realms to the beat of the drum; explore basic chakra work, or more advanced voice sound meditations for the chakras; or explore crystal journeying meditations. By arrangement to discuss options and allow for preparation.

*Insurance requirements oblige me to state that rune divination is for entertainment purposes only.
Many of the processes listed here can be facilitated via Skype, if more work is necessary after a face-to-face meeting, or if a stay at Healing Waters is not a regular option.

Any of the above shamanic healing sessions can be selected to form a bespoke single person healing retreat tailored to meet your individual needs. Alternatively, you may feel attracted to one of my themed retreats. Find out more about Five-Night Shamanic Healing & Practice Retreats at Healing Waters, which are suitable for individuals and sometimes small groups (with an opportunity for group savings).

Initial Consultation

Whether you are planning a retreat or a single 2 hour session, the work is profound and the need may be complex, so I offer a 20 minute free consultation to determine need and confirm that shamanic work is appropriate. Ring to arrange a consultation on 07906 865717 or 01458 832157.


Everyone’s experience of Shamanic Healing is different. We are all at unique places on our paths. For some the healing is more challenging , whilst others are poised for change. In the following testimonials individuals describe the effect Shamanic work had upon them and within their lives.

Romy-Ann Brooks, The Illumination Process, a Two-Hour Healing Session

“I felt under a lot of stress, very emotional & believed I knew the cause of it. However, when entering the session, all of a sudden deep-rooted issues started to emerge which were primary to the causes I had originally felt needed addressing. We decided to go with these issues & it had a profound effect on me.
The shamanic healing was extremely insightful. I gained a greater understanding on a number of issues helping me to release deep-seated misguided beliefs & emotional trauma. I was left feeling more positive, lighter in myself & with a deepening sense of serenity. I found it easier to communicate & connect with others as myself, rather than carrying around a shadow version of what others had told me I was.

Rosemary was open hearted, compassionate & creative. She was very easy to talk to, came across as very knowledgeable & empowering.” Romy Brooks, Therapist & Teacher, 21.8.16
Louise Jennings-Hoole, Power Animal Retrieval and Shamanic Journeying, A Two-Hour Session
“…my session as was most enjoyable and relaxing. I found it a very comfortable experience working with you and it was easy to be guided on my journey. I was able to clearly visualise my safe place, discover my power animal and remember the journey in amazing detail, from the vivid colours to the peace I felt during and afterwards.
Since the session l so often feel a connection and spiritual guidance with large birds of prey – my power animal was an Eagle. I would definitely like to work with you again.” Louise Jennings-Hoole, 27th July 2017
Inga is an artist and mother, living in Somerset. We accomplished a profound cycle of Soul Retrieval work together, which included release of trauma and cord cutting to make peace with an old friend who had passed over many years previously.

“Thank you again so much for yesterday. I have written a poem that I would like to share with you.
Ode to my Soul, by Inga, 7th March 2014

Thank you my dearest beautiful soul
You have returned without prompt, trick or cajole
Here within me you lie once more
The light revealed an open door
The hole that gaped within so long
filled with light beams as you heard the song
You came unabashed without trace of doubt
White with light that shone about
A friend in need we now understand
We embraced with love, upon the sand
Cutting the chords of pain and sorrow
Each now free, to embrace tomorrow
Apologies made and gifts relayed
The song of the soul gracefully played
Then ecstasy, joy, beauty and power
A crystal of light as a blossoming flower
The soul had returned “oh joy! oh praise!”
Thanks be to all who entered my maze
Each one brought a gift of healing
So precious, so rare, of the purest meaning
So great is this gift, I am truly blessed
In myself, my soul has come to rest

This is as much yours as it is mine Rosemary”

Gitte W. N. worked as a corporate bank switchboard operator in Luxembourg, whilst harbouring amazing gifts as a telephone psychic. She wanted to overcome her anxieties, leave the bank and become a full-time psychic reader, whilst managing a chronic fatigue condition. All goals were accomplished over a year of support including face-to-face sessions in Glastonbury and Skype sessions covering a variety of approaches: a year-long rune forecast; medicine wheel and power animal work; soul retrieval; a heavy energy release exercise; and exploration of trauma held in the body through Somatic Experiencing:

“Rosemary, since our extremely successful sessions and me applying and implementing into my daily routines all the so very powerful tools you and Spirit so generously provided me with I have gone from literally crawling to running through my days! Now, I need to apply slowing down!

I met my very close friend in town recently and she looked at me very carefully and immediately said: Gitte, you have changed you are completely different to the last time I saw you. In fact I have never seen you like this, you are beaming!

Rosemary, I am indeed on a wondrous journey and yes, there are still challenges however my approach [now] is so very different and I have started treating myself with so much TLC that it is not important anymore if I make mistakes some days, I just quite simply try and learn from it and do better next time. I am being confronted with many lessons or opportunities to grow that the Universe sends my way for my highest good and greatest joy!”
Gitte W.N. 6.4.15

Since learning about and living body wisdom through our healing work Rosemary, I have been constantly listening and talking to the miracle that I call my body oh, boy what a journey, I have learned A LOT and my body ever so readily and willingly rewards me with feeling relaxed, happy. I have a lot more energy now.

Rosemary, this is fantastic and truly marvellous… , I am now living my divine destiny, I am home.” Gitte W.N, 2.10.15