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Therapist: Paloma Martinez Bellido

THE GODDESS CODES (by Mary Magdalene)

Light Codes are living energies that are activated within our Body of Light to weave the bridge between our Consciousness and the Higher Dimensions. They help us remember Our Cosmic Origin and transform and release limiting conditioning and beliefs, as well as emotional wounds and traumas, through the release of the Frequency of Light and the information they provide.

The Goddess Codes is a healing system that uses Light Codes, and it was transmitted by Master Mary Magdalene (Myriam) to help humanity to open up to the healing energy of the Divine Feminine -the Goddess- and to heal the wounds of the Feminine and the Masculine, restoring the balance within ourselves.

They are very powerful healing tools because they operate in a very high frequency (5th Dimension), which means that they not only bring healing to us but can also activate information and memories that we have stored in our DNA and our cells. So, they are a combination of healing and activation. If the person is ready, it can bring rapid transformations, as it helps us to open up to higher dimensional frequencies within ourselves and around us.

Mary Magdalene is a very powerful and wise teacher, and because the Goddess Codes is a transmission from her, it will also open the door for the person to connect more deeply with her teachings and with her as a Spiritual guide.

You can receive the Goddess Codes to bring healing, release blocks and restore balance in many areas of your life because they work at many levels. Each Code has a particular theme, and you will be chosen according to the main priority right now in your life for you to keep advancing in your personal healing and soul journey.


Price: £80 per session.

Duration: 1 hour



The womb is one of the most crucial feminine energy centres; it is the generator and keeper of life, the source of full feminine expression, and the place that births new realities. It holds power for profound transformation.

Womb Healing is an energy healing method that helps women heal aspects connected with their Womb and their Feminine Nature.

It can help women restore the balance within themselves and their cyclic nature and has the ability to heal and release old blockages and patterns stored in the womb, freeing women from old conditionings. The healing can be connected to experiences from this life, past lives or traumas that have been passed to us through our ancestral lineage.

Many women are very disconnected from their feminine nature, and without being fully aware, that disconnection creates a constant disequilibrium in their lives. When we receive womb healing, we are able to re-establish the connection with our feminine nature, allowing the woman to be more aligned with her essence and with who she really is. This can bring a very powerful transformation that will make the woman live more authentically as she can honour herself in a way she hasn’t done before.

Womb Healing usually brings women a profound sense of coming home, into their bodies, into their power, into their intuition and their wisdom.


Price: £80 Session

Duration: 1 hour



This session is a combination of Sacredness, Deep Listening, Witnessing, Healing, Coaching, Channelling and Mentoring. Together (you and me), we will dive deeply into an inner exploration to discover the roots of whatever may be out of alignment within yourself or your life.

The aim is to recalibrate your being either emotionally, mentally, energetically or spiritually (or all of them together) so you can come back to your centre having more clarity about where you are right now in your life and the next steps to take.

Sometimes, the recalibration process may not be about restoring an imbalance but finding truths that will allow​ you to understand ​our vital process better to navigate it better.

The session will be guided by what you would like to share, and that will be the golden thread that we will follow to go to the core of the matters and to start to untangle thoughts, emotions, and feelings, releasing anything that is not serving you anymore and acknowledging the teachings that are coming to you so you can fully integrate them and move on to the next stage.

At the end of the session, you will have gained the clarity and understanding that you needed to be able to come back to your centre so you can continue your journey in alignment with what your truth is right now.

The sessions are very organic, and we will follow the energies that will show up at the moment so that each session may be very different from the other, but these are some of the things you may receive during the session;

Information about an Ascended Master that is showing up for you

A Prayer or Invocation for you to work with, ​

A Light code to ​help you activate new energies or release the old ones

​Practical steps for you to ​introduce into your life



£80 per 1 hour

£115 per 1.30 hours

£140 per 2 hours


All sessions have a free complimentary consultation with

  Paloma Martinez Bellido   www.palomaiam.com