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About Healing Waters.

Healing Waters is a spiritual and healing retreat centre and B&B. We also regularly have courses running here. We offer a tranquil space for our visitors to enjoy a deeply healing and restful stay. Our facilities are available to people of all spiritual paths and we hold the belief that God is Love, in whatever form people choose to experience the Divine.

Healing Waters Sanctuary offers a high level of accommodation both for spiritual retreats of individuals and groups. Why not come and enjoy our healing retreat for a peaceful break whilst benefitting from our range of alternative and complementary therapies. You could book a pamper break or a longer retreat, or come for a spiritual or meditation course.

Healing Waters was founded in 2005 by Juliet Yelverton as a Spiritual and Healing Sanctuary for people to be resourced and supported in these turbulent and challenging times.
We have twice been nominated for awards for being the best retreat centre.  Join Our Mailing List

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(Be informed before you arrive:)

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions

Here is some additional information that you need to read:

Information Sheet

Below you will find lots of information about what we provide.  You may also want to read our FAQ

Food at Healing Waters

Food being the staff of life and good food vital for good health, we offer the possibility of fresh organic produce from our gardens when in season. Other than that we try to provide organic food for meals according to availability.

Self Serve Breakfast for Retreats and Overnight accommodation.

At Healing Waters we let you help yourself to breakfast at whatever time suits you best. If you also feel like a snack later in the day you are also welcome to help yourself. If you suffer from food intolerances or have special dietary needs, do tell us at the time of booking so that we can shop for you.

Self Serve Breakfast for Whole House Booking Groups:

Please note that there is a limited breakfast for groups of cereals, bread, spreads and teas/coffees.  We do not supply the other options offered for overnight guests and recommend that you select the catering option for a more elaborate breakfast.

You can expect to find if an overnight or retreat guest:

  • A variety of cereals (gluten-free options on request)
  • Bread and crackers (gluten-free options on request)
  • A selection of fresh fruit
  • Jams, spreads and honey
  • Teas, coffee (look out for dried herbs from the gardens)
  • Fresh milk (non-dairy milk available on request)
  • Juice (on request)

Superfood Smoothies and Freshly Made Vegetable Juice

These can be provided for an additional charge. We use green leaves and vegetables from our gardens as much as possible. Please request on booking or make an order when you arrive.

Catering at Healing Waters

Our food is organic wherever possible. We are vegetarian and can also cater for vegans and special dietary needs. We would appreciate it if guests booking the kitchen do not bring meat products to eat.

Catering for Groups

We can offer a high standard of creative and delicious vegetarian meals, using ingredients mainly sourced fresh from the gardens. Let us make your group retreat much more relaxed if you are a group leader. We are experienced in catering for your specific needs, leaving you to be able to support your guests and run your retreat without worrying about feeding them as well. The costs of in house catering are cheaper and faster than having to go into town for restaurants. Please request on booking. Follow the link for our sample menus.

Catering for Guests

There are many good restaurants in Glastonbury and we encourage guests to eat out, however, there are exceptions when we will cook for you. Please ask if you need it. Normally retreat programmes include breakfast only, unless you are coming for a detoxing cleanse and you have ordered juice.

Self-catering Facilities

The price of your stay allows you to also cater for yourself if you wish.  We have facilities for you to prepare your own food and you may be able to purchase fresh produce from us in season from the Gardens.

Bringing a group to the Sanctuary for an Exclusive use booking:

You can find everything that you need to know about our group facilities here;

Healing Waters Kitchen

We would appreciate it if guests using the kitchen do not bring meat products to eat, or alcohol to drink.
If you use the kitchen than please be considerate of other guests and clean up after yourselves.

The Facilities at Healing Waters

Healing Waters provides a deeply relaxing and comfortable environment. We provide all essential facilities for you to be fully self-sufficient and to feel at home in our house.

The Kitchen

We have a fully equipped kitchen with a range of stainless steel saucepans and kitchen implements, including a soup ‘Whizzer’ and food blender as well as a juicer. There is also a selection of herbs, spices and oil available. Please be mindful of other guests whilst using the kitchen. We also ask that you don’t bring meat products or alcohol into our house.

Eating Areas

We have a dining table that can seat about eight people in the space at the back of the house and another table in the kitchen. The French windows looking out over the deck and the moors let in a lovely light throughout the day. There are also eating areas outside on the deck

The Deck

Behind the house, we have a beautiful wooden deck with picnic tables and recliner chairs. Wonderful for sunbathing and relaxing. This vantage point gives you a lovely view across the somerset levels and of Glastonbury Tor. If you come in spring or summer you will get a chance to see our flower garden that surrounds this area as well as up through the front garden.

Deck where you can see the view

The Gardens

We have lovely gardens surrounding the Sanctuary with places to sit and relax. We also have a wonderful 6-acre field with the Healing Spring in the Centre and the Community Healing Gardens in the left where we grow lots of organic vegetables for use by the Sanctuary and the community. You are welcome to come and visit them as part of your stay, and to purchase vegetables from us.  And if you are lucky you may see deer roaming in the early mornings or some of the other lovely wildlife that live in the field.

Meditation Space

There is a room available for meditation, yoga or tai chi. Many of our guests have remarked upon the special energy of this room. It may be because of its position on the Ley Line. Enjoy the space, it is very beautiful.
The meditation room is also used for therapies, so if the door is closed and the curtain is across, please do not enter, or sit in the hall or outside the window. It will soon be free to use again after the session

Meditation room


We have three bathrooms. One on the upper floor and the other on the lower. Bathrooms are NOT en-suite but shared. There are showers in all of them. The downstairs one has a luxury, Jacuzzi, and colour therapy bath. There is also a bathroom with a shower outside the house, especially available for guests in the yurt but open for all.

Disabled Access is Not Provided

Please note that there are steps down to the Sanctuary and are not suitable if you have walking difficulties. Please be aware that if you arrive at night, you may need a torch for extra safety.


Since an increasing number of people are suffering the harmful effects of EMF, we do not provide Wifi at the Sanctuary. We can however arrange access to Wifi on request at our alternative accommodation which is 2 minutes away. Please ask us for the directions and the Wifi code.

Please ask us if there is anything that would help make your stay more comfortable so that this truly becomes a healing retreat for you. Booked already? Here is information that you need during your stay – Information Sheet


Please note if there are any problems with the calendar or the calculator for the booking system email [email protected] and we can take your booking.  

Thank you for your visit!