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Healing Gardens Cooperative

It began with a seed, which was a passion to empower disconnected individuals to re establish their relationship with nature. Having experienced much solace from that connection myself and being deeply distressed by the epidemic of disease and the environmental destruction of the planet I planted the seed, the idea of a Community Garden, for others to water. Already owning 6 acres of land, part of the Healing Waters Sanctuary, I offered it to members of the local community, for them to make of it what they could.

I haven’t been disappointed. We now have a vibrant and flourishing garden, cared for by a cooperative of around 30 members with a core group of around 10. The gardens are comprised of 3 interlocking circular beds, like a Mandela to be viewed from the surrounding hills. There is also an orchard of young fruit trees, chickens that were rescued from a local ‘free range’ farm, but were distressed and now are happy. Our first hive of bees. A children’s garden, a wild life area and pond and in the centre of the field is the sacred spring, which we have been told is one of the nine ancient springs of Avalon. The Michael Ley line running through the gardens may be the cause of the huge and delicious vegetables that we grow or it could be a combination of the love of the gardeners together with the pure spring water we use and growing on a south facing plot that has been organically farmed since the 1960’s.

The concept is simple. By paying a small annual membership, and coming to participate in the gardens or help in any way with the cooperative, you receive food in exchange. This system suits even those who are too disabled to garden. In addition to food is the added benefit of community and the quiet enjoyment and health benefits of being on the land. We grow surplus to supply the local community with healthy life giving food, vibrant with prana, and negating the necessity of purchasing lifeless supermarket produce, that has been flown around the world before reaching our tables.

If you are staying at the Sanctuary, do let us know if you would like to buy produce from us, or feel free to come and visit the gardens. Checkout our facebook page.