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What is your ACE Score? Mine is 8.

  How many ACES do you have? I have 8. But fortunately other things have helped me through life. The more trauma informed we can be, then the better chance we have of thriving rather than struggling through existence. I was deeply moved this morning when a friend sent me this recording of a sermon [...]

Exhibition of Greenham Common Peace Camp – Healing our Collective Trauma

Global Social Witnessing of the many traumatic events around the world and waking up to take action, to say 'no' this cannot go on, is important in our healing of this trauma.  We need to move out of our dissociation and experience ourselves as being powerful and able to contribute to the changes that are [...]

Make sure your group retreat is a hit: Part One

The first of three key elements in running a successful group retreat Group retreats are a fabulous way for your clients to spend some uninterrupted high-quality time with you and other like-minded souls.  If you love your work, you either already run group retreats, or you may be planning your first group getaway.  Retreats are [...]

Do we remember our experiences from when we were an egg or a sperm?

It’s an interesting but distressing fact that conventional medical practice does not recognize the possibility that an unborn baby can experience pain. Up until recently, surgery done on the in-utero foetus, was performed without anesthetic. It was believed that unborn babies cannot feel pain because the nervous system is not fully developed. Pioneering research conducted [...]

Did you get a good start in Life?

Chances are, your Mum thought it was probably not too bad. It is hard for a Mother to really know what it is like for her unborn baby. Your Mum may have been stressed but it would have been small compared to your experience, who as a tiny baby was so much more vulnerable and [...]

I want to share this article: One Person can change the World.

I was deeply touched to read this powerful article and would like to share it. Please pass it on. It is vital for our survival on the Planet. One Person Can Change the World by Nicolya Christi A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with the MP, Sir John Randall. We had originally [...]

The secret gesture that opens the door to enlightenment

If I told you that one of the most empowering and possibly bravest acts you could ever perform was as simple as raising your arm above your head, you would probably wonder what on earth I was talking about. Unless, that is, you were already familiar with the short story below: Once upon a time [...]

Was your sex life compromised at Birth?

Was your sex life compromised at birth? Birth like death is a subject that we would rather not think about in realistic terms. Death gets swept under the carpet, whilst birth is viewed through rose coloured glasses .. The grim reality is that birth is a traumatic event for most babies. Since the average fetal [...]

Have you hugged your Mum lately?

A male facebook friend put up this picture with the message "If not, why not!"as an update. It was a well-intended post, but my response was a burst of fiery, angry energy which I am now transforming into this blog. I am, of course, very happy that my friend wants to hug his Mum and [...]

Growing a back bone is a way of giving love

Today I have been thinking about the first time I visited my Qi Gong teacher for a healing session. I remember him teaching me to draw earth energies through the energy channels in my body. After watching me for a while he gave his diagnosis of my condition. I was somewhat shocked when he said: [...]