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Did you get a good start in Life?

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Chances are, your Mum thought it was probably not too bad. It is hard for a Mother to really know what it is like for her unborn baby.

Your Mum may have been stressed but it would have been small compared to your experience, who as a tiny baby was so much more vulnerable and sensitive to the birth process.

Prior to birth, your brain grew rapidly creating more neurons than any other point in your development. What happened at birth, deeply imprinted your nervous system.

My biggest emotional pattern was created then. When I was stressed, I felt that I had to keep pushing otherwise I would die. The pre-natal work has healed this.

Not only birth, but events earlier than conception, leave strong emotional patterns and ‘affects’ in the nervous system.

An earlier trauma for me was when ’embodying’ into my Mother’s egg prior to conception. I was deeply fearful and ambivalent about fully engaging in life. It has healed. I now participate in life with a clear certainty of who I am and what my mission on the planet is.

Julia and I have been working together for a long time on pre natal and peri natal trauma and understand how witnessing and re-patterning early traumas clear the way for deeper healing.

Julia is a midwife and knows all about birth. She has also trained with the top researchers in the field of Pre Natal Education and Psychology.

Together we make a really strong team, creating a safe ‘container’ for your process.

When you heal your birth or key transitions in your pre natal life you may feel:
A clearer sense of who you are and your purpose
Deeper Relaxation
More Confidence
Better Relationships
Reconnection to your Centre and to the Earth
Less afflicted by nervous system swings
More Expansive and Open Hearted
Less triggered at transition points in your life

We have just a few places left on this next workshop so would advise you to book really soon.

This workshop on 27th and 28th September is small and is a very powerful way of healing. It is very contained and totally confidential.

For more information about the workshop including video testimonials.

Here is the link

I am also running a Trauma Training for Healing Practitioners and giving a one day Introductory Workshop on 11th October which is a taster for the whole training.
As a one off offer, you can do both workshops for £305.

The total value of the two workshops is £370 so you make a saving of £65.

Here is the link for the Introductory Workshop

If you would like to book both workshops together or either of them you can do it here:


With love as always,


Juliet Yelverton

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