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SPIRIT RELEASE – a teaching method for Professional Carers.

Are you working within the medical or nursing professions? Are you a social worker, healer, homeopath, therapist or counsellor? Are you caring for clients or patients suffering severe traumatic stress disorders? Nightmare visions? Schizophrenia and O.C.D. symptoms? Have your clients or patients experienced domestic violence, social bullying, or sexual abuse? Have your clients or patients [...]


  "I can heartily recommend Helen Ford's 'Spirit Release' workshop. I have worked with Helen for many, many years, and have found that this work allows one to see many inherent patterns, which cause big blocks in life. As we release spirits, we receive information that sheds light on our blind spots, allowing us to [...]

It’s not too late!!

        You are never too late to heal! Sometimes, it seems that our whole life goes by and we are stuck in the same pattern that never seems to change, no matter what we do. Changes however are often happening subtly. Finally like a jigsaw, we fit the last piece in place [...]

Addiction, Bulimia and Poverty Consciousness – What predisposes us to suffer in this way?

Addiction, Bulimia and Poverty Consciousness – What predisposes us to suffer in this way? How are issues of addiction, greed and poverty consciousness patterned in our earliest moments of life as a microscopic clusters of cells? The Blostocyst journey down the Fallopian Tube and then implantation in the womb may shape these deep psychological and [...]

Trauma may be the cause of symptoms that doctors can’t understand

Do you have worrying symptoms that doctors can't identify? I have worked with a few people recently that have been through some grueling medical procedures as a result of distressing symptoms. After going through complex invasive tests no-one is the wiser as to what is causing the problem. It can be very worrying. Trauma and [...]

Do we remember our experiences from when we were an egg or a sperm?

It’s an interesting but distressing fact that conventional medical practice does not recognize the possibility that an unborn baby can experience pain. Up until recently, surgery done on the in-utero foetus, was performed without anesthetic. It was believed that unborn babies cannot feel pain because the nervous system is not fully developed. Pioneering research conducted [...]

Did you get a good start in Life?

Chances are, your Mum thought it was probably not too bad. It is hard for a Mother to really know what it is like for her unborn baby. Your Mum may have been stressed but it would have been small compared to your experience, who as a tiny baby was so much more vulnerable and [...]