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Helping Souls Let Go.

Helping Souls Let Go.


“I can heartily recommend Helen Ford’s ‘Spirit Release’ workshop.

I have worked with Helen for many, many years, and have found that

this work allows one to see many inherent patterns, which cause big

blocks in life. As we release spirits, we receive information that sheds

light on our blind spots, allowing us to understand where old patterns

and triggers have come from, and the spirits go in peace, with a deeper

understanding. A truly life changing experience.”

Faye Greening

“Helen Ford is an extraordinary woman. From her starting out in early

life as a G.P. doctor. through to her stories of living in Canada, and later

to her remarkable gifts working with shamanism, she is unique. Her

original work is given to us with creativity, clarity & depth. I found by

taking part in her workshops, I gained confidence in my own abilities,

saw myself deeply, and experienced some full on shifts; all with lots of

imagination and fun. If you feel drawn to her work in any way, go for it,

you won’t be disappointed.”

Sarah Simpson

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