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It’s not too late!!

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You are never too late to heal! Sometimes, it seems that our whole life goes by and we are stuck in the same pattern that never seems to change, no matter what we do. Changes however are often happening subtly. Finally like a jigsaw, we fit the last piece in place and Eureka! The new picture appears. The new life begins.

“The important thing is never to give up and to keep the intention clear as to what you are wanting to change and to heal.”

I am like a dog with my teeth stuck into the things that I want to change in my life. I keep going, trying to find a new way to heal the pain of the past. It has paid off because NOW the most amazing shifts are happening for me. I would never have anticipated such a change. Old rifts and wounds are healing in a most remarkable way.
I am in Deep Gratitude.

Here is another opportunity for YOU to heal!

We are offering two weekend workshops which approach life from either end. They offer deep healing. You have the possibility of exploring the affects of both Birth and Death on your overall wellness. These moments are the most critical moments of our life.

Coming next week is the Healing Birth Wounds Workshop which allows you to explore and HEAL the traumatic patterns from as far back as being an Egg or a Sperm Cell.

And from 8th – 10th April we have the HEALING SOUL WOUNDS – SPIRIT RELEASE Workshop with Dr. Angela Ford. A medical doctor who has worked for many years helping people clear the attachments of stuck spirits that drain energy and life force.

You can either book these workshops separately at the advertised price, or you can book them both together at an amazingly inexpensive discounted price of £325.

March 12th & 13th Healing Birth Wounds Workshop. Normally £275
April 8th – 10th Healing Soul Wounds – Spirit Release Workshop -Normally £120.

I am offering both together for £325

For this great offer, email me on <strong>[email protected]


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