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SPIRIT RELEASE – a teaching method for Professional Carers.

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Are you working within the medical or nursing professions?

Are you a social worker, healer, homeopath, therapist or counsellor?

Are you caring for clients or patients suffering severe traumatic

stress disorders? Nightmare visions? Schizophrenia and O.C.D. symptoms?

Have your clients or patients experienced domestic violence, social

bullying, or sexual abuse?

Have your clients or patients been in the midst of war zones, witnessing

carnage and death?

If so… there is a strong possibility that they are sensitive to psychic

disturbance or invasion from earthbound spirits, who are stuck on the

lower astral plane.

When we leave our mortal physical bodies at death, with our minds in a

state of fulfillment, our soul easily travels into the light, and a blissful

state of being. Yet if a soul is disturbed after death, by a negative mind,

they are held back, and will be attracted to people and places they have

known, or those who share negative emotions and mental patterns and miasms.

Dr. Helen Ford practised as a general practioner and homeopath, and is now

working as a holistic physician. She has perfected the ancient healing art of

‘Spirit Release’ for the past thirty-five years. This healing method helps

people to be in touch with their true core selves, releasing negative patterns,

and helps to release any attachment to earthbound spirits, helping the spirits

to shift into a lighter dimension and vibrational frequency: bringing peace of


This communicative healing technique incorporates both heart centred

religious belief systems, and the science of particles, waves and energy fields.

Dr.Helen Ford will be teaching ‘Spirit Release’ the weekend of April 8th-10th

at Healing Waters Kwan Yin room, 73a Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, Somerset.

This is both a residential and non-residential workshop.

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