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I want to share this article: One Person can change the World.

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I was deeply touched to read this powerful article and would like to share it. Please pass it on. It is vital for our survival on the Planet.

One Person Can Change the World by Nicolya Christi

A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with the MP, Sir John Randall. We had originally arranged to meet at The House of Commons, yet eventually met in a coffee shop in Greater London. The purpose of our get together was to talk about the system of care currently in place for vulnerable elders in the UK, in particular those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

We talked about the stance taken by past and current governments in terms of how they are managing the situation and, as we did so, it became clear that the unprecedented rise in the nation’s vulnerable elders has become a political dilemma. Governments continue to remain unsure exactly how to proceed with what now constitutes an unparalleled crisis. They appear to be at a loss when it comes to organising and putting into place an effective and appropriate system of social care as a necessary response to the exponential explosion of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the UK.

The conversation swirled round and round, much like the froth on Sir John’s freshly stirred cappuccino. This prompted me to share what I feel to be a significant and underlying reason for the overwhelming scale of physical and mental degeneration that is being experienced by so many of our elders. He listened intently as I suggested that a key factor to consider might be the impact of an unnatural, inorganic, manipulated and toxic diet and lifestyle, including chemical based products used on our bodies, our clothes and furnishings, which seem par for the course (for most people) when living in a consumer culture.

I cited these as potentially significant factors for the catastrophic deterioration of both the body and mind in older generations. I also spoke about the timing of factory farming and the introduction of chemicals into the food chain most notably immediately after World War II. Up until the end of WW2 most farming was inherently organic, but, with the resulting scarcity of food following the war, factory and chemical based farming was seen as a solution to the food shortages. It now seems that many people of that generation who were early teens or young adults in the 1940s, are the ones now afflicted with either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in their eighties and nineties. If the health of these senior generations is being impacted by unnatural and inorganic food production and farming practices, then we must consider what the implications are for ourselves and the younger generations, as the chemicalisation of the food chain and products over the past fifty years has escalated to alarming and dangerous proportions.

I went on to suggest that the impact of over seven decades of the utilisation of an almost infinite range of chemical cocktails, pesticides, preservatives, additives, synthetics, GMO, Chemtrails, pharmaceuticals; including hormones, antibiotics and other medications administered to animals and birds that are bred for consumption, acid rain, nuclear fallout, pollution, in all forms – including air, noise, chemical, visual, inorganic/unnatural light sources – along with nuclear radiation, which began in the 1940s, and the widespread exposure to technical radiation we are exposed to today must surely be a major contributor to this crisis.

I proposed that perhaps it is this arena that most demands our attention with regard to understanding and addressing the overall health of senior citizens suffering an unnatural degree of physical and mental degeneration. I studied Sir John’s face for his felt-sense response and it was plain to see: he was in agreement with what I was sharing. I spoke about the worrying degradation of the soil and water, both of which are critical to the long term health and proper functioning of the human body and mind, and the catastrophic impact of the manipulation of these on the brain, the organs, cells, blood and bones, (and a deep felt-sense I have of the long term impact of these on DNA).

I talked about the critical situation facing humanity with regard to the rapid decline of the pollinating species seemingly caused by the sea of chemicals in which we are all drowning. I posed a rhetorical question: How can we imagine that the very same poisons in the food and beverage chain, which are killing the birds, bees and other pollinating species are not also catastrophically detrimental to our own health and lives?

Sir John and I reached a place of contemplative silence, and then, in a somewhat lowered voice, Sir John added: “I drive along many roads and country lanes and recently noted that my car windscreen is no longer covered in dead insects by the time I have reached my destination, in fact there are few if any.” Struck by what he shared, because this was something I had failed to notice myself, I immediately knew the truth of this distressing and evident reality upon hearing his words. There is indeed a noticeable decline in the insects that usually dominate a summer in the UK and a haunting absence it truly is.

My heart sank … my soul ached … I wept inside for the whole of creation on Earth for what is happening to it/them/us. What is it coming to? This destruction cannot continue. It has to end. We must act out of love and we must act now.

Sir John’s sharing had left us both silent, sad even, knowing and all too aware of the devastating damage wreaked in the name of ‘progressive science’. Furthermore, if we view this situation through a lens without filters, we begin to notice something tantamount to chemical warfare being waged against humanity and the Earth, attacking our intelligent bodies, our brilliant minds and the beautiful whole of Nature. It is a global, chemical tsunami that knows no bounds, engulfing the rocks (fracking), the oceans, the sky, the insects, the winged, land and sea creatures, the two-legged and four-legged, the trees, plants, lakes, rivers, mountains and streams … the entire planetary eco-system no less.

As I write this, I am cautioning myself not to polarise or blame, but instead remain uncompromisingly clear about the scale of the overall problem as well as keeping a potential solution in sight. Both the problem and the solution are to be found in the arena of responsibility.

On a surface level we can all too easily ‘name’, ‘blame’ and ‘shame’ profit-driven science and governments, yet, as a scientist friend shared: “It is not scientists who drive this machine or make the policies. It’s not even governments. We have to look to the global giants of business & commerce who finance, control & manipulate scientists, governments and anyone else they can use to further their own agendas of world domination in the name of profit (greed) and economic growth (more greed). 97% of all scientists world-wide believe that man’s activities are driving climate change, yet no-one does anything because it’s not a message the global giants want to hear and they’re not willing to give up their pursuit of money in the guise of economic growth. The question no politician or businessman has an answer to is how do you maintain economic growth on a finite planet? I truly believe science can be a source for good in the world if channelled in the right directions by leaders (business, political & financial) with vision, compassion & altruism, heart & soul.”

The fact is the global giants of business and commerce fail to accept responsibility for the impact of their decisions and actions. However, humanity too needs to take responsibility for its collusion, as it is this that unconsciously supports the devastation and destruction taking place within the fragile eco-system within each one of us and the planet itself.

A polarising stance of ‘us and them’, defaulting into a ‘system’ mentality that hypnotises us into believing that the problem is out there, reducing ourselves to nothing more than helpless victims, and convincing ourselves that we have little or no control in what is happening to Nature, humanity and the Earth, only serves to reveal our own lack of responsibility for the critical situation facing all life on the planet.

Our blind acceptance of consumerism (in all its insidious forms) is collusion, albeit unconscious, and our compliance with it further supports a global chemical culture. We are all responsible and every decision we make influences our own health and that of others, both short and long term. Our lifestyles, the choices we make and the impact of these on the world are our collective responsibility.

Sir John and I parted that day lighter for having met, yet heavier of heart, given the enormity of the subject matter and the inescapable impact of the consequences of what we had been discussing.

The conversation with Sir John has left me with a pressing urge to call upon those of like heart and like mind to step up our own efforts to bring about an end to all warfare, chemical or otherwise. So many of us are already deeply immersed in this fundamental calling, yet many, many more need to become involved. We need to live and breathe the unified task of prioritising and cultivating a thriving humanitarian culture that flourishes, because of natural evolutionary cycles and organic processes that serve the evolutionary well-being of all humanity, all sentient beings, all living energies and the Earth – and we cannot afford to stop until this end is accomplished.

We can neither play down nor gloss over the fact that we are exposed to and colluding with so-called ‘progressive science’ and its indiscriminate, catastrophic impact on humanity, Nature and the Earth. My own intention is to be ever more mindful of where I am colluding and to be even more proactive in the protection of all life threatened by a science without a heart – a science without a soul. Science has an exceptionally brilliant mind, but without a heart it becomes a loose cannon. Only when the mind and heart work together as equals will life on Earth flourish and peace on Earth prevail.

So how can we mindfully transform a consumer society into one that is humanitarian? What can we do? How can we be love in action in the world in order to support the transformation of a powerfully influential branch of a science backed by global giants and dominated by the left brain into an empowered altruistic science centered equally in heart and mind? Fundamentally, the key to such a necessary transformation is to be found in working together in collaboration, co-support, co-creation and cooperation.

A friend recently sent me an appeal by Avaaz, which began with the following statement made by Martin Luther King Jr. about the landmark law to end segregation: “This legislation was first written in the streets.” Avaaz then added: “… from winning the vote for women to ending apartheid, change is often a story of people coming together in person to demand action that opens up a new future for everyone.” Avaaz also state that world leaders have told them that the single biggest obstacle to the global climate saving deal we need is that politicians don’t believe people care enough and even though Avaaz are talking about climate change, they could just as easily be discussing chemical pollution issues within the mainstream culture.

So, where to begin?

First, we need to fully recognise and acknowledge the unprecedented scale of the problem we are all caught up in.

I am reminded of something another friend recently shared following a visit to his family. He was having dinner with his two teenage nephews when one said to him: “Ugh! You are eating that weird food again. It’s not normal!” referring to my friend’s organic plate of food. Gently responding my friend replied: “This is the ‘normal’ food. This is how food used to be produced before we started growing our food in chemicals. Yet now, what you are eating is considered ‘normal’ and what I eat is considered ‘abnormal’ when, in fact, it is the other way around!” His nephews reacted with a mixture of disbelief, disdain and curiosity. My friend offered his food to them to try only for it to be rejected by them both, who had by now fallen into uncomfortable fits of laughter, most likely triggered by fear of the unknown and the confusion the conversation had provoked within them.

Secondly, we can begin (or increase our existing efforts) to sign petitions which make a stand for the rights of all human beings, the whole of Nature and the Earth, which call for the protection of all sentient beings and living energies, that campaign for sustainability, progress and processes that support the thriving health, happiness and well-being of all life. Dedicating ourselves to signing petitions every day, each week and every month may feel like one small step, but collectively, in our millions, in our billions, it can amount to a giant leap for all life on Earth.

In terms of what else we can do, the list is endless. We could dedicate our entire spiritual practice to transforming the world. It could become a way of life, a contemporary spiritual practice for an evolving world. And, something we can all do as part of our daily spiritual practice is to bless, over and over, every life affirming or life denying act or practice. If we each bless that which is destructive or dysfunctional, bless it with love and understanding, bless it in its ignorance and misguidedness, bless it while visualising its capacity for transformation, then the combined efforts of millions of us across the world continually doing so, day and night, could bring about the potential for an altruistic shift of emphasis, a positive change and a significant transformation from a global ‘chemical society’ to an organic, natural and humanitarian one.

Many people lament that they have little or no real sense of meaning or purpose in their lives, but what could be more fulfilling than to act on a conscious choice to extricate oneself from ‘matrix’ living? What is most needed now is for us to prioritise the transformation of our diets and lifestyles to those that are entirely organic and natural.

There is no doubt about it. This is an extraordinary task to undertake, the enormity of which will become all too evident when we begin to realise the astonishing degree to which our lives reflect the ‘inorganic’ and ‘unnatural’. However, this is where we can begin and where we must begin.

The task we are charged with is to protect and preserve Nature and all living energies in all kingdoms on Earth. The time is upon us to devote ourselves to re-establishing an organic body and a natural home. This we could say is the great ‘inner-work’ – body and home.

At an outer level we can set an intent to sign at least one petition every single day (sources include: Avaaz.org, Change.org, Oxfam.org, Survival International.org, Amnesty International.org, Greenpeace.org, Sum of Us.org, IFAW.org, The Petition Site.com, Humane Society.org, Walk Free.org, The British Red Cross.org, march4elephantsandrhinos.org and many more) and apply ourselves unreservedly to putting our love in action in the world. This is a good starting point … the rest will come to us.

It was Rosa Parks who said: “One person can change the world.” The ‘one’ speaks for the many, and the many speak for the ‘one’. It begins and ends with us. The destiny of humanity, Nature and the Earth is in the hands of the many, us, and not the few, profit driven global giants, science and governments. It is we, individually and collectively, who hold the key to lasting world peace and sustainability and it is up to us to co-create a world in which we flourish on all levels, ensuring the same for future generations in all kingdoms on Earth.

Our capacity for making our efforts count and having a transformational impact is to be found in our ongoing commitment to take small steps each day. Sadly, too many fall by the wayside. It is small efforts that are necessary over a sustained period of time if we are to achieve a great enough impact for the changes now so critically needed. We need to be hyper-vigilant, unstoppable, armed only with love, tenacity, determination and Self-worth for this is how the obstacles will begin to fall away.

To be successful as an empowered and unified force we must not individually give up or give in. By committing to making one small effort every day we shall, individually and collectively, gradually gain ground. One small step individual by individual will bring about one giant leap for Humanity, Nature and the Earth. I am in the process of re-launching WorldShift Movement which, for now, operates through Facebook as a ‘call to action’ page. A more expanded vision for WSM can be found on my website under ‘Community’. If you would like to join us as part of the team please email me directly. Until its relaunch, WSM offers itself as a hub for ‘small steps’ that can be taken each day. So, even if your ‘small step’ each day is to visit WSM on FB and sign one of the many calls to action to be found there then this adds to the efforts for One Giant Leap For All Life.

I conclude here by sharing a profound Blessing written by a dear friend, Pierre Pradervand. It can especially support us in those moments when we may experience overwhelm at the enormity of it all, when feeling despair at the seemingly hopeless, or when outrage momentarily supersedes empathy.

I include a link to an audio mp3 version of ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ available for download that I recently recorded with Pierre’s blessing:


Finally, we are not alone. We have each other. As Marjorie Pay Hinckley so beautifully reminds us:

“We are all in this together. We need each other. Oh, how we need each other. We need to lock arms and help build the Kingdom so that it will roll forth and fill the whole Earth.”

In Love,

Nicolya ♥♥



The Gentle Art of Blessing

On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good, which your blessings will call forth:
for to bless is to acknowledge the unlimited good that is embedded in the very texture of the universe and awaiting each and all.

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless them. The peace of your blessing will accompany them on their way and the aura of its gentle fragrance will be a light to their path.

On meeting and talking to people, bless them in their health, their work, their joy, their relationships to God, themselves, and others. Bless them in their abundance, their finances … bless them in every conceivable way, for such blessings not only sow seeds of healing but one day will spring forth as flowers of joy in the waste places of your own life.

As you walk, bless the city in which you live, its government and teachers, its nurses and street sweepers, its children and bankers, its priests and prostitutes. The minute anyone expresses the least aggression or unkindness to you, respond with a blessing: bless them totally, sincerely, joyfully, for such blessings are a shield that protects them from the ignorance of their misdeed and deflects the arrow that was aimed at you.

To bless means to wish, unconditionally, total, unrestricted good for others and events from the deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of your heart: it means to hallow, to hold in reverence, to behold with utter awe that which is always a gift from the Creator.

He who is hallowed by your blessing is set aside, consecrated, holy, whole. To bless is yet to invoke divine care upon, to think or speak gratefully for, to confer happiness upon – although we ourselves are never the one who bestows, but simply the joyful witnesses of Life’s abundance.

To bless all without discrimination of any sort is the ultimate form of giving, because those you bless will never know from whence came the sudden ray of sun that burst through the clouds of their skies, and you will rarely be a witness to the sunlight in their lives.

When something goes completely askew in your day, some unexpected event knocks down your plans and you, too, also burst into blessing: for life is teaching you a lesson, and the very event you believe to be unwanted, you yourself called forth so as to learn the lesson you might balk against were you not to bless it. Trials are blessings in disguise and hosts of angels follow in their path.

To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty hid- den to material eyes; it is to activate that law of attraction, which, from the furthest reaches of the universe, will bring into your life exactly what you need to experience and enjoy.

When you pass a prison, mentally bless its inmates in their innocence and freedom, their gentleness, pure essence, and unconditional forgiveness: for one can only be prisoner of one’s self-image, and a free man can walk unshackled in the courtyard of a jail, just as citizens of countries where freedom reigns can be prisoners when fear lurks in their thoughts.

When you pass a hospital, bless its patients in their present wholeness, for even in their suffering this wholeness awaits in them to be discovered. When your eyes behold a man in tears, or seemingly broken by life, bless him in his vitality and joy: for the material senses present but the inverted image of the ultimate splendor and perfection, which only the inner eye beholds.

It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time. So hold constantly as a deep, hallowed, intoned thought that desire to bless, for truly then shall you become a peacemaker, and one day you shall, everywhere, behold the very face of God.

And of course, above all, don’t for-get to bless the utterly beautiful person YOU are!

It is tragic what takes place on this Earth, yet our capacity to bless can never be taken from us and is ours to give freely. When all else fails, and we are left feeling without hope – we are never without heart, or Soul, and to this place it is that we must turn, over and over, and find it within us to bless ALL: the tyrants, the slaughtered, the joyjoyful and happy, the tragedy, the wonder.

Unity consciousness within the Self is our evolutionary impulse – the wise one moves from duality consciousness, from an us-and-them mentality, and enters the Great Spiritual Teaching of those who have attained an advanced level of consciousness – Unconditional Love.

It is in this place that we are initiated into the realms of Great Humanitarians. When we feel hopeless, ineffective, and powerless to end suffering, we can cultivate the art of blessing, and bless – and thus re-empower ourselves by doing so.

Pierre Pradervand


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