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Information Sheet

Thank you for booking at healing waters. Here are a few things you need to know.

My Contact Details:
The contact details are: 01458 835859

In case of an emergency only, Mobile 07722089318
(Best to send a text message) Alternatively you may find a different mobile number on your welcome letter if there are different staff on shift.

We live a few doors to the right of Healing Waters, 73A Tor View Avenue. The new build house with green door and driveway enclosed by a wall. There is a sign for Healing Gardens outside.


Check in is from 16:00 onwards for overnight accommodation and 1pm for group bookings.
We do not live at the Sanctuary so if you would like to be met by someone, please let us know in advance, otherwise it is self explanatory with a door code and a welcome letter on the table.

Check in for Whole House Bookings is from 1pm and checkout is at 1pm

Please make sure that the back and the front door are locked properly when you leave the house and at night. After you have punched the door code in to open the front door, press the bottom right hand button ‘C’ to release the code. It will click as you do this.

When you arrive, please make yourself at home with a hot drink.

If you are arriving late at night or departing early in the morning, can you please be aware that others may be sleeping, so do so as quietly as possible.

Checkout: It is 11am for individuals and 1pm if you have a group booking. If you still have therapy sessions booked after 1pm, then you may still stay in the Sanctuary as long as your room is clear by 11 am.


If you have a disability or are unsteady on your feet, please be aware that there are steps down to the house.

There is some lighting along the path and steps, but might need a torch at night if you likely to be unsure of your footing. The steps are safe and clear, but it is your responsibility that you descend and ascend them safely. Floodlights will come on at certain points, but the bottom of the steps can also be illuminated by the porch light which may need switching on from the switch on the right hand wall of the porch going in.


Please park in the parking place and not on the edge of the pavement, so as not to block pedestrians. If all the parking places are filled, please park just down the road by the phone box and not block the road close to Healing Waters. Failure to do this could cause you to be fined by the police or upset to the neighbours.

During Your Stay:


This is self-serve in the cupboards marked, ‘cereals’ (actually a mixture of cereals, crackers, biscuits and spreads) ‘fridge’, (help yourself to whatever you want) and cupboard marked ‘teas’. There is also fruit and bread available in the fruit bowl and bread-bin. Filtered drinking water is available in the special tap. The water coming out of the normal taps is drinkable but not specially filtered.

Breakfast for Whole House booking Guests:

Please note that there is a limited breakfast for groups of cereals, bread, spreads and teas/coffees.  We do not supply the other options offered for the overnight guests and recommend that you select the catering option for a more elaborate breakfast.

You are also welcome to warm drinks throughout your stay.
Please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements. Otherwise, normal wheat bread, cows milk is available (coconut milk and rice milk is available on special request along with gluten free options).

Kitchen Use:

This is available for you to self-cater. Saucepans etc are in the cupboards and there is a cupboard of spices etc for your use. Please put things away cleanly after use. For large groups, please note that we do not have a deep freeze available and there is limited fridge space.


Do not open it during use as it will set off the fire alarms.


There is a Jacuzzi bathroom downstairs, and a shower room upstairs. To use the Jacuzzi, ensure that the water level comes above the jets when you are immersed, then turn the knob to activate the jets and press the button for the colour therapy.

Please be aware that the water can be very hot, especially coming out of the kitchen sink. The downstairs shower needs firstly to be switched on with the cord by the door. Could you please be thoughtful to other guests and leave the bathrooms and kitchen clean after use.


The rooms only lock from the inside by a bolt. They do not lock externally and there are no keys. If you do have items that you are worried about and are valuable, please lock them in your car or take them with you.

Please make sure that the back and the front door are locked properly when you leave the house and at night.


There is no wifi, but you can pick it up at my house, 73A Tor View, please request it or you can get it in town at La Terre Cafe. You will need to ask for the code in advance.

Other guests and Sanctuary Users:

Please be aware that there may be other guests staying at the Sanctuary, including in the Annexe at the entrance and in the Yurt. In addition, therapists may be conducting therapy sessions in the meditation room. You will see if the door is closed. Please be respectful of their shared use of the Sanctuary.

Fire Alarms:

Use of sage or other strong smoky incense will set off the fire alarms, although a single incense stick will not.

Also the dishwasher if opened during use will set them off.

Finally take care coming through the front door that you do not press the box on the inside of the door which would also set them off.

Candles and Incense:

Please do not burn candles or incense anywhere except the meditation room. Please do not leave them unattended.
Also do not place night lights on any surface without a proper dish or saucer under them. Finally do not burn any candles on the floor of the meditation room as the curtains may set on fire.


We ask you to kindly remove your shoes when inside the house.

Healing Waters is strictly a vegetarian Sanctuary. It is requested that you don’t bring or prepare meat products anywhere on the premises.

Smoking is forbidden anywhere on the premises.

Using alcohol or drugs is forbidden anywhere on the premises.


In the event of a suspected fire please note the following points:

1. If you hear the fire alarms or you have evidence of a fire
Please leave the building quietly and quickly by the nearest safe route. From upstairs, take the stairs down and exit through the marked door at the front of the house. From downstairs at the back of the house, take the exit out of the back doors. If blocked by fire, please take a route out of the upstairs windows onto the sloping roof where it is possible to jump to safety.

2. Wake anyone else in your room who may be sleeping. Do not attempt to take possessions with you.

3. Assemble at the fire assembly point on the upper deck by the seat at the front of the house.

4. Contact Emergency fire services by dialling 999.

Best wishes,

The Healing Waters Team