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Shock and Trauma Therapy

Therapist: Juliet Yelverton


£170 per two hours or £625 for the 8-hour Healing Package

What is Trauma?


It is only in the past few decades that we have got to understand the effects of war and environmental disasters on the human brain.  However, too few people realize that almost everyone has some degree of trauma and that events as seemingly innocuous as having surgery or being in a stressful job or relationship, or growing up in a family with alcoholism can also be just as traumatising.  Listen to the video below to discover how seemingly ordinary events can lead to trauma.


Trauma is an extreme event that overwhelms one’s physical and emotional defences, with a sense of impending death. This can be a personal experience or witnessing someone else in this situation. It can also be a series of repetitive events that over some time tips the balance leaving a feeling of being unable to cope anymore. PTSD is a collection of symptoms resulting from a traumatic event or series of events, which are triggered by the amygdala. This floods the body with neuro-transmitters which switch off the hippocampus, and the ability to rationalise and know that you are no longer under threat.

In this video, I talk some more about the science of trauma.


Trauma resolution therapy is learning how to apply ‘the brakes’ to the amygdala, to switch it off and to come back into the present moment awareness and to know that you are now safe. Creating a sense of safety is essential to trauma resolution therapy. Trauma therapy is also educational, learning what to do to change the extreme patterns of response that have been set into the nervous system by the traumatic experience. It is also necessary to learn about resourcing, creating a sense of well-being in the mind and body. Clients will also be taught how to evaluate which approaches are helpful and which are not. It is important for them to know what improves their ability to function well. It is only within this context that it is possible to then revisit, according to their newly developed sense of safety and distance from the event, and to re-evaluate the experience to release it from the psyche. Ultimately the client may be able to develop self-compassion and forgiveness and perhaps even direct these qualities towards the source responsible for the injury.

Tools used for Trauma Resolution Therapy are numerous and different according to the needs of the client. They may involve somatic experiencing or ‘focussing’ to develop body awareness and to identify how emotions and traumatic experiences are embodied. Breathing exercises may be important and insight meditation. Also having a sense of rapport and empathy. EFT may be helpful or perhaps engaging in some kind of ritual that acts on the psyche to aid the release of pent-up emotions. The work is always directed to the needs of the client and what has happened to them and their current abilities to resolve and reshape a painful past, to bring them into the present ‘moment’ which is safe and resourced.




“I wanted to thank you again for a most wonderful retreat. For me, it was a feeling of true healing which I had not experienced anytime before. It was amazing to become so close and intimate with myself, with my own body and be aware of all the sensations that came with that. For me, it was really profound and I am very grateful to you for this experience. You have a wonderful skill in holding the space, creating a safe environment and attending to every detail in a loving and kind way, which has all made this experience so wonderful.

Thank you also for opening your house to me and for your hospitality. I am looking forward to continuing working on trauma healing with you later in November.”

September 2018



A Programme of Trauma Resolution comprises 8 x 1-hour sessions or 4 x 2-hour sessions for £625. If suffering from trauma, I would highly recommend working in two-hour sessions, since that allows us to pace the session to your needs so that it can be well integrated. In addition to the one-on-one sessions, additional information and advice will be included on resources and diet to support your healing process, together with short follow-ups by email or phone to support you in implementing the new changes into your life.

If you want to book a longer programme than 4 X 2-hour sessions, I include a free stay of 2 days at Healing Waters.

This is not included as part of the 4-Night Retreat Package

Our 4-month online trauma healing programme:

If you can’t turn up for personal therapy or if you are having personal therapy, either as 1:1 sessions or zoom sessions, this 4 month’s programme of daily exercises, taking about half an hour each day, will significantly benefit and enhance the work that you may be doing either with me or in line with other therapists.