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Pre-Natal Trauma Resolution

Therapist: Juliet Yelverton


£170 for 2 hours or £625 for 8 hours of therapy

Our earliest moments from pre-conception through to birth, are the most powerful formative stages in our lives. Our psychology and behaviour patterns are imprinted in these very early developmental stages. Immediately prior to birth, our brains develop at a dramatic rate, creating billions of new neurones. During our births we undergo the most intense experience that we will have in our entire lives. which gets imprinted on the rapidly developing brain cells.

Throughout our pre-natal lives, there are pivotal points of potential trauma, which will influence many aspects of our lives causing us immense suffering. These events may influence us in the following ways:

  • Our ability to bond and create nurturing relationships
  • Our sense of safety in the world
  • Our relationship to money and abundance
  • Our sexuality.
  • The way we relate to stress – the setting of our nervous system.
  • Our sense of who we are and our worthiness.
  • The ease with which we cope with changes in life.
  • Our physical, emotional and psychological health.

Pre and Peri-natal Trauma Resolution brings more consciousness and awareness to these limiting psychological patterns, belief systems and nervous system reactivity, giving us back our choices so that we can be more present and fully alive to our selves, embracing our relationships with more joy. Engaging in a happier and healthier life. Releasing ways of being that no longer serve you. It helps you to release shock and trauma from these early traumatic events. It may even facilitate physical changes where we have shaped our bodies around these shocking experiences in our embryonic development.

Developmental stages where trauma has been found to happen and discovered through the personal research of 1,000’s of people are the point where our soul comes into the egg or sperm cells prior to conception; the journeys of the egg and the sperm prior to conception; conception itself; the journey of our blastocyst down the fallopian tube; implantation and our discovery of being in the womb by our mothers. Most of our gestation period may be fairly tranquil after that unless we receive toxicity through the umbilical cord from our Mothers. This toxicity can be from numerous sources. The birth process is again fraught with potential trauma both physical and psychological. Many babies undergo serious injury at this time and their bodies are shaped by their birth. Caesarian section is the most traumatic of all types of birth and leaves it’s very unique forms of scars and even throws out our later developmental stages.

Pre and Peri-Natal therapy involves a number of approaches including regression work and ‘focussing’ on body sensations and active imagining. Cushions may be used to stimulate cellular memory and clients are encouraged to be aware of movement impulses and body postures. Re-patterning of the original trauma is believed to create different neuronal pathways, thereby allowing new behaviour to be a choice. The client is encouraged to recreate the ideal pre-natal event in which he or she is empowered and resourced, unlike the original one in which they were traumatised.

A sense of safety and an understanding of how to manage trauma activation levels is an integral part of the therapy session. The client is always in control of the session and is empowered to be able pace it at their level. Each session is tailored in its approach to the needs of the individual.

For more precise information on this subject matter you can read Dr William Emerson article The Vulnerable Prenate as well as several other articles I have written here.


A Programme of Pre and Perinatal Trauma Resolution comprises 8 x 1 hour sessions or 4 x 2 hour sessions for £625. If suffering from trauma, I would highly recommend working in two hour sessions, since that allows us to pace the session to your needs so that it can be well integrated. In addition to the one on one sessions, additional information and advice will be included on resources and diet to support your healing process, together with short follow ups by email or phone to support you implementing the new changes into your life.

If you want to book a longer programme than 4 X 2 hour sessions, I include a free stay of 2 days at Healing Waters.