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Energy Healing – Express Your Essence


Therapist: Carol Ann Kemble 

£80 per session – Also available via telephone or skype

“Express your Essence”

As we release all that no longer resonates with our being, or serves our purpose, we can bring more of who we are – our divine essence into all that we are and all that we do in each moment, bringing harmony and joy into daily life.

As we learn to BE who we are we begin to create our lives through choice with resonance in wonderful magical ways.

Energy Healing involves intuitively moving and realigning the body’s energy patterns and where necessary re-charging the system.

Underneath Carol’s healing modality lies an exquisite understanding of a concept built into the very undertone of our existence. It’s how we’re meant to experience while we’re here, it’s what we all lose track of at one time or another, it’s that which were all trying to get back to. Beautiful and fundamental in it’s simplicity, and yet completely intangible at times for all of us, fleeting as it slips through our fingers like sand.

The concept: what is it like to live in these human bodies, and go through space and time, free, as much as possible, from the traumas of our past that interface with our beings and bind us? How much are our belief systems, our thoughts, our emotions, from experiences we are unaware of as still afflicting us, are affecting the way we experience our world: stunting our perceptions as we take it all in through our senses.

We’re all born, and we all go through bumps and bruises along the way that imprint us, bind us, and affect the way we see our reality, shape parts of us into depictions of past trauma and pain. We accept this, we adapt to this, we cease to notice it. Humans are such incredibly adaptable creatures. All the while, there is a larger picture that we can feel undeniably, but sometimes have a lack of understanding toward, an inability to grasp: the blocks in our system that affect the choices we make and the experiences we have. And then this experience always interfacing with larger, more subtle concepts often difficult to grasp: astrologically: how the stars, and our planet turn in relation to each other to affect our experiences; our genetic predisposition to become blocked in a certain way, to become ill in a certain way, to become emotionally unbalanced in a certain way; the question of our soul – the bigger picture of the essence of ourselves living in these bodies for a short time and then carrying on to a new experience past this life; the energy body – the aspect of ourselves that we cannot see with our human eyes, and yet it affects us and is a part of us, every moment of every day; our unspoken, often poorly understood need to connect to our soul, and connect to the planet and the earth beneath our feet, and find a balance here, find a comfortable plane to walk on enveloping both of these parts of us. How do we stay open to these aspects of reality, heal wounds beyond the physical body, keep moving in our lives, find what suits us truly in terms of purpose and have the courage to follow it, not get hooked into the past, stay alive – really alive, and not let the hurts of life take us over and become us.

Carol seems to have an impeccable understanding of the different layers of our beings. She understands the human physical makeup as one layer of experience and consciousness, which connects us to our physical experience. She understands our high selves – that which connects us to source, to our soul, to a communal consciousness, as just as much a part of who we are as our physical selves, whether we are attuned this way or not. And she understands the spectrum between. The information outlined above is a brief introduction to the framework Carol uses to see us as full beings, and from this, to see the distortions that are blocking us.

Carol uses her understanding of a being, interfacing with reality, as a combination of that being’s true person, true expression, and distortions from past trauma’s and pain, belief systems, and discordant emotions, which block that true expression, to identify what is blocking and how to move the block. She is able to connect with that person’s true self, their high self, that which is neutral, that which is beyond the personality and the ego, to get a true depiction or picture of that person in the present moment in time, including the blocks getting in the way of true expression. One of the most important aspects to Carol’s techniques is her ability to achieve neutral and safe space while working: to keep the ego of the client, and herself out of the therapeutic space. Using a specialized form of assessment, she identifies what that person’s high self would like addressed at that time. Carol operates under an agreement between herself and the client, on a high self level, that the work will be done in such a way to return that person back toward connection with their true essence, and true expression, in such a way that will serve that person’s highest good, and in such a way which will be stable and grounded. Carol uses a combination of dousing to form an assessment of what is blocking, dialogue to further clarify the issue, and then energetic balancing, bach flower, and homeopathic remedies, and other techniques depending on what is needed at the time, to untangle, diffuse, and disengage the blocks presenting that day. The process is started in the treatment, and often is continued on for days weeks or months past the time of appointment, respecting each being’s need to move through their process in a way that is stable.

What makes this technique particularly valuable is the block or distortion of a person is being outlined at a high self level, free from ego and the mind. In addition, instead of merely outlining the imbalances or blocks, Carol has developed an incredible ability to break down, diffuse, and transform the energy behind these blocks, safely, through years of study, practice, and self-mastery. She is a master in what she does with such ease and the compassionate embrace of a loving heart.

This session is not included in the 4 Night Retreat Package.