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Creative Kinesiology

Therapist: Mylene Chiron


£60 per hour

Creative Kinesiology believes in the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit:

What you believe, your hopes and fears, your aspirations and ideals affect your thinking (spirit/mind connection).

What you think about yourself, life and others affects your choices and actions, which in turn affect your body, life and relationships (mind/body connection).

And to complete the cycle, how you chose to live your life will affect body, mind and spirit all over again: we are complex beings in a constant state of CHANGE…

Thoughts and emotions can be regarded as energy in motion just like the physical energy that we can feel. The network that constitutes this constant exchange of information can be called our energy system.

Muscle testing can at any moment during the session assess the energy signature behind an emotion / pain / memory / thought / belief… and find the invisible links between your personal experiences on all these levels and at all times.

The unique way in which your present experience is a complex result of an accumulation of past experiences – that have set deep roots into your energy system as you lived your life – will be explored as we work together, following the clues that we gather along the way.

Any particular issue can be a symptom born out of a loop of emotions/beliefs/imprints which only needs to be identified, or brought to awareness in order to start breaking apart. Simple healing tools and techniques are identified using muscle testing in order to assist this energetic loop to loosen and allow a letting go at deeper levels.

What sets Creative Kinesiology aside from other schools of Kinesiology lies in its recognition of deeper levels of healing or wounding: ancestral inheritances, cellular memories, miasms, DNA activations/reconnections, Past lives, Entities or thought forms etc are part of the possibilities that we may encounter during a session, should this be relevant for you at the time of the session.

In a few words: There is no guess-work with Kinesiology, as your own energy system is the Master. I simply follow and reveal what YOU are ready to see, acknowledge, process and shift/integrate: Healing naturally tends to follow awareness.

The healing techniques which are part of CK book of techniques are extremely simple yet powerful when applied at the right time, with the right understanding and most importantly of all with the right willingness and readiness to change (which is sometimes just what is in the way).

I am looking forward to working alongside with you in your journey to optimum health and happiness! Thank you for your Trust.

A kinesiology session does not require taking clothes off and can either be done sitting in a chair, standing or lying on a massage table  according to the work needed or according to your own comfort and  physical needs.

The work will always start with a series of pre-checks and basic balancing, which will set-up your system enough to get an accurate ‘reading’ of your energy system through muscle testing.

One hour session is often enough to unravel quite a bit of ‚your story’ and operate changes; yet I recommend to allow for a 90min session: Chi has its own pace and there will be many micro-shifts during the session that can be tracked with muscle testing and need integration time for better and lasting results. Silence and Presence are both immensely potent healers!

This therapy can be included in the 4 Night Retreat Package