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Mylene Chiron


Creative Kinesiology

Body Talk

Price: £80 per hour

A little bit about my journey…I was born in France and have been living in the Glastonbury area for the past 12 years, after spending time in south-east Asia and South America teaching French in private schools and Universities, or travelling and expanding my experience of the world/self. Along the journey, I have worked through my own challenges until finally reaching this point of balance where I can use my knowledge and understanding to be a truly compassionate, attentive and skilled facilitator of your unique journey.
I have 20 years of Kinesiology experience as both a passionate client and no-less passionate practitioner. I believe I have truly found the tool through which I can put my various healing skills and knowledge to best use, and through which I find the depth of satisfaction that true purpose can only bring. I learn and grow through this while giving myself wholeheartedly to my commitment to helping you find as much health and happiness as I have found. Kinesiology is simply a fantastic tool that has been a key to most of my own healing; I am thrilled to be able to share it with you now.
I have completed a foundation course in Systematic Kinesiology, then chose to do professional training in Creative Kinesiology. I have been practising for the past 3 years and I am a member of the UK Kinesiology Federation.
I am a Reiki Master and have also studied a bit of Shiatsu and massage techniques, crystal healing and colour therapy as well as sound healing, which I might use whenever and if required during a session (I have a set of tuning forks). I also use Bach Flowers and have a complete nutritional test kit available if nutrition is a priority in the healing session, as well as some kits for testing food intolerance/allergies if relevant.


From Sue 2014:
Thank you so much for my session. It was really fascinating to learn that you can tell so much about a person’s physical and emotional state by such gentle and subtle movements, and your calm and supportive manner made it a very relaxed and enjoyable experience.

From Ami 2014:

I felt drawn to Kinesiology on a recent stay at a Retreat in Glastonbury, although I had limited knowledge and understanding of the treatment itself.
As soon as I met Mylene I felt an instant connection to her due to her inspiring aura and knowledge of Kinesiology. Mylene was professional and demonstrated that she is clearly an expert in her field, but also remained friendly and put me at ease.
I enjoyed Kinesiology so much and I think this was largely due to Mylene. I have MS and personally choose to manage this through spiritual means such as holistic treatments and positivity and I felt that my session with Mylene achieved just that. I appreciated that Mylene didn’t make me feel rushed throughout the treatment and was even willing to overrun by 10 minutes so that she and I felt that we had achieved all my body was asking her to that day. I left the treatment feeling refreshed and above all else positive. I even had a call 10 minutes after the treatment offering me a job interview! Everything seemed clearer and more achievable after the treatment and I can’t wait to book another. Mylene even went the extra mile to give me ‘homework’ by recommending bach remedies and foods to help me continue on my healing journey.
From the first meeting, I genuinely think Mylene is a wonderful person and practitioner who is a clear champion in her field. For me, Mylene is further proof that spiritual and holistic treatments such as these can truly help connect mind and body and assist self-healing.

Both of Mylene’s Therapies can be included in a 4-night retreat package