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Michelle Blackmore

Michelle brings to Healing Waters her 9 years of sports massage experience as well as a unique awareness of posture and muscle imbalances. Michelle has a very successful sports massage rehabilitation centre and a profound understanding of how the body operates as a result of working with a broad and diversified customer base.

Michelle massages with a thorough understanding and awareness of how emotional trauma manifests in the body, as well as how massage may have a significant physical, mental, and spiritual impact.

Unlocking the body can assist in unlocking the mind, particularly if you feel trapped on your current path or in your current thinking. The advantages of such a massage might linger long after you leave the treatment room.

Michelle is trained in nine distinct massage techniques and blends them to provide a bespoke treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Michelle’s soul is steeped in nature, and she has always had a fascination with owls. She works and lives alongside many of these wonderful creatures that care and guide her.

Michelle also works as an animal-assisted therapist at Owl Enlightenment.
There are now opportunities for you to investigate Owl-assisted therapy.