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Our Mission Statement

We aim to hold a respect, appreciation and care for all living things and operate our business accordingly. In this way we create a happy, safe and supportive environment for visitors coming for B&B, or a healing retreat, or for courses at Healing Waters Sanctuary.

People Care

We treat our customers, employees and suppliers with this consideration, above and beyond the motivation to make a profit from the business.

Planet Care

The systems implemented at Healing Waters are with due consideration to the complexity of the eco-system.  We aim to work in harmony with the planet in so much as we can.  We have a long-term aim to work towards greater sustainability. Our policy is reduce, recycle and re-use wherever possible.

Our hot water is heated by solar power.  We dry our washing in the sun.

In our commitment to a sustainable future, we aim to use organic produce and ecological cleaning products wherever possible. We also recycle our waste. Guests are encouraged to do this in the cupboard and bin provided. Can you support us in this?

In consciousness of third world issues of poverty, we buy as many fairly traded products as we can obtain.

In the interests of energy consumption, we use low energy bulbs and would ask our guests to support us in turning off unnecessary lights and heating. We also would prefer it if you are conscious about water economy.

We have developed a community garden known as Healing Gardens Cooperative, to provide produce, education, and a facility whereby our guests can experience a reconnection to the earth as part of their stay, should they wish. Please ask us about this.