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This retreat offers a space of healing for couples who are committed to conscious relating but who are facing difficulties in their relationship.

This retreat could benefit your relationship if you say yes to any of the following:

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t listen to you?
Does your connection feel stagnant?
Is there something blocking you moving forward?
Do you feel like the magic has disappeared?
Do you feel like your partner is emotionally shut down?

The retreat will create an opening for you and your partner to dive deeper into yourself and your relationship to explore any issues and challenges that are stopping you moving forward. If you are willing to do this, it can lead to a deepening of connection, openness and authenticity within yourself and so in turn your relationship.

A relationship is a mirror of what is happening inside ourselves. Whether it is where you feel openness and flow or where you feel stuck and stagnant. Life truly mirrors back to you where you are open and where you are not.

The powerful healing energies of Glastonbury are concentrated in the Healing Waters Sanctuary and Retreat Centre. This, combined with the therapies offered, creates a powerful space for the dynamics of your relationship to be seen in a new light. It will provide you with an opportunity for your difficulties to be seen as lessons, which if mastered, can lead you to a deeper intimacy and back to the truth of love and unity.

Relationships are potent mirrors, both for love and light and for bringing our core emotional issues and patterns to the surface. It is inevitable that in most relationships our wounds and emotional defense patterns, will appear at some stage. When we are unable to identify with these as our own personal issues. We then can go into resistance and blame and make our partner wrong and responsible for how we feel. In the process we feel disconnected from our partner. When we are willing to take responsibility for difficulties that come up for ourselves and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, we can heal and transform ourself, as well deepening into intimacy with our partner.

During this retreat we offer you the space to explore these emotional issues and patterns that stop you moving forwards together. This will be done through a combination of couples counselling, healing and massage in the lovely, healing environment of the Sanctuary.

By doing this retreat you can have:

A greater understanding of yourself and your partner.
A better awareness of issues and challenges that are in your relationship.
A deeper connection with your partner.
An enhanced ability to listen to your partner.
A sense of movement in your relationship.
A greater ability to stay in connection when things get challenging between you.
The possibility of having more fun together.
A better energetic and sexual connection.

This retreats includes 5 nights accommodation in one of the lovely double rooms and 16 hours of therapy sessions (counselling, massage)