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How to Heal Trauma – Level 3 Evaluating and Finding the Gold

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When we have been traumatized it can take a long time to heal. The last aspect of our healing is when we can transform the negative emotions associated with the traumatic event.

In this final module of the ‘How to Heal Trauma’ exercises, I guide you to focus on re-evaluating your experience, building compassion for yourself and finding the gold. The energy of trauma when transformed can become a powerful source in your life to move you towards goodness and wholeness.

It is advised that you do the 3 previous modules firstly. Foundation Level, Level one and Level two.

This series of exercises will enable you to:

1. Build compassion for yourself

2. Gain more wisdom about your experience

3. Release regret and guilt about your experience

4. Transform the energy of trauma to enable you to step forward in your life

5. Feel more compassion for others.

This module enable you to work through the difficult and challenging emotions of trauma.

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