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How to Heal Trauma Foundation Level – You CAN DO IT!

These video exercises will help you heal from the devastating and debilitating affects of trauma.

When you have trauma you are not the person you were born to be.
Healing trauma is having your life back.

– Angry outbursts can be contained again and the thinking brain can gain control
– Fear can be eradicated and you can once again experience flow and flexibility
– Your body can stop being the enemy and you can learn how to listen to it’s story
– Shame and self hatred can wither and happiness and joy can blossom.

It is not a case of whether you can afford this programme. Can you afford NOT to do this programme?

Trauma can be caused by an extreme event that overwhelms one’s physical and emotional defenses. This can be a personal experience or witnessing someone suffering. It can also be caused by repetitive events that erode your ability to cope.

Sometimes trauma is caused by a small incident that you were not even aware of. Maybe you fell off your bicycle as a child, or got lost?

Trauma is serious and destroys life. If you don’t take steps to heal, it can worsen and even pass down the generations to your children’s children.

The types of experiences that can cause trauma are:

– An accident
– Surgery or medical intervention
– A natural disaster
– War
– Loss of a loved one or an important job or lifestyle
– Birth or giving birth
– Witnessing others in a dangerous situation
– Enduring an abusive relationship
– Rape
– Emotional neglect (especially as a young child)
– Pre natal events from pre conception to birth

If you have suffered one or more of these events, it is likely that you are affected by trauma. Trauma is often not diagnosed. It may affect you for years without you connecting the symptoms to the original cause.

Types of symptoms are:

– Fear
– Anxiety
– Anger or Rage
– Depression
– Lethargy
– Lack of Confidence
– Not being able to express yourself
– Not finding any meaning in life
– Chronic fatique
– Irritable Bowel syndrome
– Fybromyalgia
– Poor immune response
– Chronic Stress
– Flashbacks
– Irritability
– Insomnia
– Addiction
– Self harming
– Phobias

Trauma Resolution Therapy using a somatic experiencing approach is a powerful way to to heal your trauma. You can begin this process with this uniquely created one month programme designed for you by Juliet Yelverton. Price £13

Trauma resolution therapy is learning how to self regulate the nervous system so that it functions normally again and the challenging symptoms stop. Health, happiness and well being will flow into your life as a result.

The programme consists of four easy to do exercises, over four weeks. Each day you will have another opportunity to learn and to heal. You will identify where your body has ‘closed down’ through trauma or has been frozen into the ‘fight or flight’ mode leaving you helpless with intense surges and drops of nervous system activation.

You will learn to return to life.
You will be able to take charge of your body
You will be able to appreciate the present moment leaving the hell realms behind.
You will experience more positive emotions and have a zest for life again.

The benefits to you:

– Understand how your body gets activated into ‘fight or flight’ or ‘parasympathetic shock’

– Create a safe loving space for you to open back up in confidence

– Build a new relationship of trust with your body so that you can turn off the emergency signals from your ‘animal brain’

– Shape a new life beyond what happened in the past

– Create the future you want

– Feel safe and free from fear and anxiety or outbursts of anger.

– Feel more relaxed and confident in life

– Feel healthier

– Enjoy greater flow and happiness

Purchase “Juliet Yelverton’s ‘How To Heal Your Trauma’ Online Programme” : £13.00

Don’t miss this powerful opportunity to heal and to help others around you.
When you heal then life gets easier for everyone.

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.
When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.