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Process Group for Healing Trauma – 2 Days duration

Compassion is the strongest medicine

What is trauma?
Trauma is complex yet very subtle. It’s symptoms can manifest in many forms and often we are not aware of the causation of our symptoms or their relationship to trauma.

Why work in a group?
We have learnt that trauma is a dysfunction in the nervous system as a result of an actual or perceived life threatening event. The primitive nervous system that is primed for survival gets stuck in the survival mode. Alongside this, our ‘social nervous system’ tends to go off line, cutting us off from the kinds of relationships that could help us heal.

In the process group, we aim to provide a powerful setting that provides safety and confidentiality for you to explore your unresolved trauma. We will work together with a maximum of 6 people and 2 facilitators. A group is a powerful format to work in which is different from 1:1 therapy. It has a greater holding capacity and is able to provide multiple reflections and much support for your deep delving into your state of being. You will have space in which to explore any challenges you are going through, in a held, slow pace and supportive environment.

Format of the group:

We will be focussing entirely on your own personal process work. After our introductions and setting up our rules of safety and confidentiality, we will each take a turn in exploring our own challenges and issues.

Your facilitators

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Juliet Yelverton

Healing Trauma frees your life


Maia Pelham-Greene

Maia Pelham Green


The price for the weekend is £250.
Please email [email protected]