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Relax, Recharge and Restore

your Soul.

Gardenia Room Glastonbury Healing-Waters Sanctuary

Mothers hold up the world. Who’s holding up mothers?

As mothers we barely get time to think, let alone properly recharge. So busy looking after everybody, everything; juggling family, work, house, and trying to be your ideal Mother you want to be.

This is just what you need: 5 nights to totally Relax, Recharge and Restore.  Slow down and sink into deep relaxation. Time to think and find yourself again in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

We all have our own journeys, experiences, approaches, but motherhood has some universal truths that link us together. It can be hard, and sometimes lonely, are you struggling and wanting to be a better version of yourself? 

You maybe coming to a stage in your life, maybe a change has happened, a curve ball hit? You may be experiencing turbulence. Your inner world is incomplete in disarray even, you’re struggling to navigate in the chaos all around you, things that didn’t use to bother you now bothers you and it doesn’t make sense, things are piling up on top of you and it feels so heavy. For so long you have just got on with it, that’s what you have always done. 

You may be craving space, time and positive energy to Relax, Recharge and Restore to help you align whilst trying to be all the things, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend. If you are struggling to find time, exhausted and simply waiting for a sign – this is your permission slip – YES!

You are worthy of  ALL the time, ALL the care, ALL the things your soul is NEEDING.

Mothers hold up the world. Who’s holding up mothers?

Surrender to what your soul is needing and let us at Healing Waters support you, give you space, give you time, hold you in the mothers energy of unconditional love.

To prepare you to get the bet experience for your Relax, Recharge and Restore package, you can choose to join in the relaxations and mindfulness recordings sent to you prior to your stay.

Upon arrival you can be welcomed into Healing Waters with a cup of tea and you can even take time to sit, read or even have a nap. When was the last time you had extra hours available just for you? There will be time to just wander the beautiful Healing Gardens, or hear the calling to experience the beautiful statues and crystals in the Mother Spring.

Self serve Breakfast is included, please let us know if you have and requirements or dietary needs.

Why not down tool from cooking during your stay altogether? We also can offer catering delivered directly to you at healing Waters and tailored to your needs and wishes. (subject to availability and additional cost will start from £200) 

These 5 nights is all about you, giving you time to relax fully, time to think, and time to recharge. 

​Also included in the 5 nights are some treatments to help you Relax, Recharge and Restore your soul. 

De Stress –  £898

5 nights accommodation plus one of each of the following treatment;

Deep Tissue massage to help release tension (60 mins)

Lymphatic or Cupping massage to detox (60mins)

Hot bamboo full body to relax and revitalise (60 mins)

Indian Head massage and Facial to naturally lift face and balance energy. (60 mins)

Kangen Water which reduce free radicals and suppressing oxidative stress.

De Stress and Detox – £989

5 nights accommodation plus one of each of the following treatment;

Swedish massage to help release tension (60 mins)

Reflexology or aromatherapy to help relieve symptoms of stress (60 mins)

Hot bamboo full body massage to relax and revitalise (60 mins)

Facial with Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy. (60 mins)

BodyTalk to assist your body’s energy systems to be re-synchronised and restored. (60 mins)

Kangen Water which reduce free radicals and suppressing oxidative stress.

Full bespoke catering costs starts from £200 for the full duration of your stay at Healing Waters.