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The ‘Wetlands’ – Ancient Isles of Avalon

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Healing Waters


This is a view from Healing Waters Sanctuary after a lot of rain, a common occurrence in winter and sometimes even summer.  The area known as the ‘Wetlands’ or Somerset Levels, is beneath sea level, and the hills of Glastonbury Tor, Wearyhall Hill, Chalice Hill and Windmill Hill, rose as the Ancient Isles of Avalon, from the misty marshes.  It was in the 10th century that the monks from the Abbey, dug extensive drainage channels or ditches to drain the fields.

It was also across this inland sea that Joseph of Arimathea sailed and landed on Wearyhall Hill and planted his staff into the ground that later became the Holy thorn tree, which flowers twice a year.  The tree is just behind the Sanctuary of Healing Waters.  In the field of Healing Waters is the Sacred Spring, that he walked down the hill to quench his thirst at.  This is according to a channeled story about the spring,  This spring is one of the nine ancient springs of Avalon.

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