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A Call to All Light Workers for Unity Consciousness By Nicolya Christi

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A Call to All Light Workers for Unity Consciousness
By Nicolya Christi

As many of you are aware, the message of my Work is multi-layered with its focus on personal to global evolution. As such, it ranges from writing about Highest Dimensional realities and Self-integration, to societal transformation and those issues in the world that are fundamental and sociopolitical.

I wish to share with you a line from a message sent to me by a Facebook friend when they unsubscribed from my newsletter because of my article “What in the Name of Peace is Going On”? In fact, five people have unsubscribed which really is no surprise as I realized this might well be the case when I posted it. However, this person was the only one who chose to express why. Here is a line from the comment:

“… I don’t think that that is of any help to light workers and star seeds and I definitely don’t believe that it’s an essential activity for us.”

I am grateful for this message for it brings to the surface something that I have been wishing to write about for some time. So, here is what I would like to share.

Is it not with an unconditional heart and in the essence of the very soul of each one of us to deeply care for and protect our human brothers and sisters, as well as the animals, Nature, and our very planet? Is it not the role of those with an evolved and awakened consciousness to light the way for the future of the world?

My perception is that Light workers are not meant to be hovering somewhere in the ethers, feet off the ground, talking of idealistic values in terms of world peace, whilst, at the same time, looking down on the ‘un-awakened’ masses and “spiritualizing” the cries of humanity, Nature and the Earth.

Does it not expose a conditional attitude, a dualistic mentality, and a split and un-integrated self when one reacts to those spiritually awakened who dare to speak of the need for a unified effort on the part of humanity in order to address the current global crisis? Is it not a judgment when such humanitarians are accused of “aligning with fear” or of being “negative”?

Is it not an unrealistic and uninformed mind that suggests we need only “send light” to resolve the deepening crisis the world finds itself in? Are we not tipping the balance towards spiritual ego when we dismiss those who encourage us to question and examine the impact of dysfunctional global governance and treat these awakened souls with disdain?

Is it not obvious that those who are evolved and spiritually awakened are here to help humanity, Nature and the Earth at this time? Paraphrasing Carlos Barrios “We are living in the most important era. There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal of this era is action. If the people of the Earth can get to the 2012 date in good shape without having destroyed too much of the Earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we must transform enormously powerful forces that seek to block the way. Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action. Everyone is needed. You are not here for no reason. Everyone who is here now has an important purpose. This is a hard but a special time. We have the opportunity for growth, but we must be ready for this moment in history. We need to act, to make changes, and to elect people to represent us who understand and who will take political action to respect the Earth. Meditation and spiritual practice are good, but also action.”

To suggest that turning our backs on the plight of humanity, all sentient beings, all life forms, and the Earth itself because this is not “an essential activity for us”, suggests that those with such an attitude are as uninformed and un-integrated as the consciously sleeping masses. Such an expectation demonstrates a split consciousness within humanity represented either by those I term as suffering from “Ostrich Syndrome” (the sleeping masses with heads buried in the sand) or those who are caught in what I term “Balloon Syndrome” (consider themselves to be spiritual and humanitarians yet caught in prioritizing their own needs and comfort, seemingly content to leave humanity, Nature and the Earth to fend for itself.

The human, animal, ocean, plant and rock kingdoms are in desperate need of the assistance, support and protection of those consciously and spiritually awakened individuals who hold an altruistic vision and who are emotionally, psychologically and spiritually intelligent enough to blaze a trail for all life on this planet. These selfless individuals need a response of support from the Light community, not reaction.

From my own perspective, we miss the fundamental meaning as to why we have incarnated when we take up pious positions and remain judgmentally selective about what constitutes our involvement in the the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, for is this not the spiritual quest of each individual and the Collective? – “As above, so Below”.

It is true that there are millions of us whose role it is to purely and simply meditate on world peace and to hold all life forms on Earth in the vibration of Love and Light. It is also true that many of us are here to pray for humanity, Nature and the Earth, and to stream the energy of unconditional love and highest frequency light across the world.

Yet, these same Light workers must be mindful not to mock, judge, dismiss or reject the masses of kindred spirits who have a Calling to initiate and implement visionary new consciousness solutions to a world in crisis. The Calling of these individuals is equal to and as spiritual and necessary as any other Higher Purpose Calling. We are meant to support each other, especially those whom Carlos Barrios refers to when he cites, “elected to represent us who understand and who will take political action to respect the Earth”. It takes great foresight and vision, altruistic wisdom, emotional, psychological and spiritual integration and intelligence, courage of heart as well as an advanced level of consciousness to commit to such a role.

I ask all those who would judge any Light worker who is dedicated to supporting the manifestation of peace for all kingdoms of the Earth what they think the Dalai Lama would say to such a stance? What do they think he has been doing for all these decades while out in the world campaigning for Tibet and the Tibetan people? What of all those who have served that specific cause, and many similar ones, who have given their lives for these? Even though the horror of the Tibet situation continues, along with many other similar scenarios in the world, millions of individuals and groups, having become more informed and aware, are able to campaign, pray and send Light and Love because of the efforts and sacrifice of the few to inform the many.

What do those who would judge a spiritual actionist say to the likes of Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Aung Sang Suu Kyi, as well as the thousands of other unseen humanitarians and ‘better world initiative’ operatives who are working for global peace? Perhaps those who disassociate from these individuals might consider the response of the likes of the Dalai Lama, Mandela and all those working towards societal transformation if they were to say, “I will disassociate from you and your work because I don’t think that that is of any help to light workers and star seeds and I definitely don’t believe that it’s an essential activity for us.”

Everything is as it is meant to be, for sure. Yet, this does not mean that we can be complacent because of our personal spiritual belief system, nor does it mean that we must turn our back on those whose Higher Purpose it is to be active and take action when it comes to responding to the plight of humanity, Nature and the Earth.

If consciousness and spirituality are ever to become an integrated part of future society and not remain the fringe phenomena they have been to date, then we, as consciously evolving individuals, must recognize that our idealistic, altruistic and realistic vision for the world needs to manifest as a reality in the world. Otherwise, hundreds of more years of spirituality and longing for a peaceful world will be lived and expressed behind closed doors and a duality based, terminally ill global culture will continue to be an ongoing reality.

As Light workers, our support is needed by those who know that their soul’s purpose is to step out into the world and make a stand for world peace and the protection of all life on this planet, be it human, animal, plant, the land, the ocean or the sky.

I guess the questions it all boils down to are these: Are we truly humanitarian in our spirituality? If we believe we are, then how can we stand on the sidelines and judge those of like heart and like mind whose role in the grand scheme of things is to be active in the world? By rejecting and separating ourselves from such individuals, are we not judging and dismissing our own kin who are simply fulfilling the contract of their soul to actively address the deteriorating state of our world?

As ‘awakened’ individuals, do we truly care what happens in the world and to the Earth? Do we not need to get past our spiritual judgments and comparisons and instead pour our energy into thinking and caring about the generations to come and the future of all life on Earth? Or, are we only really here on Earth for the ‘bliss trip’, and as such, narcissistically focused on cultivating our own ‘perfect world’ that revolves around our personal wants, needs and spiritual agenda, and then, when our time is up, conclude our visit here by stating, “I’m out of here”?

Advanced spiritual development becomes apparent only when we transcend the ‘beyond personal’ level of our own lives and begin to interact with the world in a way that allows us to channel our energy into that beyond personal – global concern.

We are multi-dimensional beings incarnate on Earth with multi-dimensional roles. No ‘role’ is any more spiritual or altruistic than any other when it comes to deeply caring about the Earth, Nature and Humanity. Those of us who prefer to meditate on Love and Light as an offering for world peace are engaged in an action that is crucially important, just as are the actions and activities of those who wade knee deep in the quagmire of the global shadow, confronting the dark agendas of the ‘powers that be’.

There are legions of Light workers (who may not refer to or even recognize themselves as such) who have selflessly placed themselves deep into the core of the matrix in service of the highest good for humanity, Nature and the Earth. These individuals and groups also work in service of Love and Light only they fulfill different roles, as necessary for global evolution.

We must support each other whether we are meditating for the greater and higher good or are active in the field, working undercover, like the Resistance, in the matrix in order to extricate humanity from it and lead the way towards a new epoch with a new consciousness.

So, I conclude here by stating that many of us are anchoring (and are anchored) in the newly activated Heart Grid. Meditation, prayer, ceremony and 5th dimensional light-work are imperative as we locate our consciousness as and when necessary outside of the matrix. However, many of us are needed inside the matrix to guide humanity out of it and into the new epoch. And, many of us travel back and forth between the two, as needed, in support of the Great Shift that was fully catalyzed on 21.12.12.

Let us not judge, mock, reject, separate or tip into spiritual ego or piety when it comes to how we view our own spiritual development and compare this to the compassionate actions of our collective Soul Family. From a spiritual perspective, let us not form separatist opinions about the global situation viewing it as black or white or as either/or. This is duality mentality and will only serve to support duality in the world. Let us instead seek to support our spiritual kin, no matter where they are or what positions they have taken up in order to fulfill their soul’s higher calling and the greater Plan for humanity and the Earth.

Let us seek to unconditionally support and to offer unconditional positive regard to all fellow Light workers, and to walk our talk when we speak of Unity Consciousness and founding a new world/new Earth upon this.

We need to be unified, not cut each other off because we fail to understand the extent of the critical role we have each taken on in these unprecedented times of change and transition.

As you can see from the image I have used for this article the Light can be seen radiating out from the very heart of the Earth, spreading far and wide, dissolving, neutralizing, transmuting and transforming as it goes. The Light is most needed at the core of the current global situation. Let us support all those who dare to go there.

The higher purpose of all Light workers incarnate at this time is to support the manifestation of world peace and to create Heaven on Earth for all life forms on our planet.

Let we, as Light workers, offer our unconditional, non-judgmental and full support to each other in this shared mission.

We can and we will succeed together if we hold to the Spirit of Unity.

Nicolya Christi – April 2013.

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