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A Stress free lifestyle – Bulgarian Dream Homes

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Are you tired of the stress of modern life and wondering how you can escape the rat race?

Good health is very closely related to life style choices and stress is one of the major causes of illness. Many of us are working long hours to pay for a home that we have little time to use and offers us even less in terms of a happy relaxed lifestyle.

Our homes are costly and crowded and many of us can’t even get on the property ladder. Ongoing stress undermines the family structure. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take time with your children and not to have to work all hours to be able to just put a roof over their head.

Do you dream of a home in the countryside where you can have a garden, eat fresh healthy vegetables and your children can play in freedom?

Homes in Bulgaria can be bought for the price of an expensive car and new built homes are available for the price of a two bedroom victorian terrace house. In this video we discuss the advantages of living in Bulgaria and the ease of travel from airports in the UK allowing you to keep in touch with your family here. Or of working from home in Bulgaria via the excellent internet system. To find out more, listen to what Giovanna has to share.

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