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Are you already perfect as you are?

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your real natureI’ve been thinking recently about how annoying it is when a life coach, or motivational speaker, makes one of those broad-brush-stroke claims for us all like:

“There is nothing to change”
or (my personal favourite),
“You are already perfect as you are.”

Your life could be resembling a train wreck at this point and you could have a squillion bills to pay, but the speaker will still maintain that “you have everything you need within you, all you have to do is look within”.

One of the reasons this grates on my nerves (and possibly yours as well), is that some part of us, let’s call it our intuition, or inner knowing, recognizes a truth in what they say. But we also know that its something we have lost our connection with. There are many ancient and established healing systems based on teaching people to access this part of ourselves where we are well, where we have peace and where we have all the energy we need.

Another reason to be annoyed is the tendency of these inspirational messages (or are they just barely veiled sales pitches?) to get very sketchy when it comes to telling us how to proceed from where we are now to where all this good stuff is.

In practice, connecting to our true nature takes applied effort over a period of time. However, in a kindly intentioned attempt to relieve my own frustration over the quick fix claims that are bandied around, I’ve developed a healing process to help get the engine started. Please do feel free to try it and let me know how it goes.

Healing process for connecting to our true nature

Close your eyes, and imagine you can see two large dials in front of you
One is the chattering mind that is always telling you how screwed up you are, or even if you’re a big success, you don’t look as good as the big guys look

Reach out and turn the volume on this dial DOWN

Then turn your attention towards the second dial, the one that’s labelled “my real self”
Reach out and turn the volume on this dial UP

Then ask yourself:
“If I were able to connect to more of my true nature, where would my attention be drawn to now?”

Then listen and watch. Pay attention to the first thing that occurs to you, especially if it’s something you weren’t expecting. If nothing appears, be kind to yourself and try again the next day.

Author: Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Healer at Healing Waters

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