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Cranio Sacral Therapy – An Introduction

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Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a manual therapy where the special therapeutic touch encourages structural and physiological rebalancing using the body’s own healing energy. CST recognises the importance of the body functioning as a whole. All systems and structures are integrated and interrelating. Dysfunction in any system produces compensatory responses through the whole body.

Attitudes, behaviour, habits and emotional responses contribute to how the body is held in physical shape and posture, which affects how it moves. Any condition manifesting as pain, stiffness or dysfunction also contains emotional, behavioural and other components that can be addressed and released during craniosacral therapy.

Receiving CST

Craniosacral therapy is very enjoyable and relaxing to receive. The patient is usually fully clothed and lying down (although can be in any suitable position). The patient will feel only the gentle touch of the therapist’s hands, which may not create any perceivable input.

The craniosacral physiotherapist will use his/her hands to “listen” intently to the body and can sense restriction or congestion within the whole body. The “listening” touch is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Using specialised skills the tissues are encouraged to return to normal healthy function. Pain and symptoms gradually ease. As the therapist continues to feel deeply and there is constant re-assessment.

Treatment allows the body to achieve a higher state of balance and health. It is not just a physical “fixing” but an exploration which encompasses mental processes, feelings and their physical manifestations. The release of restrictions impeding the body’s natural self-healing will give a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation.

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