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December Newsletter from Healing Waters & Courses

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I hope that you have had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones and feel
refreshed from the holiday.

I have been very happy to have my four children to stay. Families are a
great blessing and I am always inspired and uplifted by my children.
Unfortunately for some people, families can be the source of distress.When
there has been trauma in a family, all the family members suffer because the
essential interconnectedness of the relationships in the family are

When people are traumatized and have not got help to heal, they act the
trauma out in random acts of violence or abusive behaviour, or even in
addictions and compulsions. It’s important for each one of us to take
responsibility now to heal the wounds of trauma within our families, so that
we can heal culturally and planetarily.

A day before the Winter Solstice, many people were affected by a random, but
obviously premeditated act of abuse. The cutting down of the Glastonbury
Holy Thorn Tree, shocked many people in Gastonbury and abroad. It was hard
to make sense of such an act of wanton destruction. How can we understand
why someone would want to damage a Holy Thorn tree? Many of the older local
people here were really upset about it. In order to heal from Trauma, we
need to create meaning around the event that was traumatic. There has been a
lot of discussion about the motives behind the damage to the tree. It’s
always useful to be able to create some goodness out of a negative event and
in the case of the tree, there has been a bonding together and unity amongst
many of the different social groups in Glastonbury. There has also been a
facebook page set up where people can discuss what to do next. Some people
have been looking at the astrology of the Solstice, to see how it may have
influenced the event. .You can read _[2]here_ Clair’s Star of Wisdom Blog.

Juliet – Mantrica Sacred Dawn_


The St Michael Ley Line is possibly the most famous in the world. It passes
from the tip of Cornwall to the coast of Norfolk, joining many saced sites
along the way, including Burrowbridge Mump, Glastonbury and Avebury.

Ley Lines can be considered as energy meridians in the body of the earth,
connecting sites of spiritual importance.
A book was written about the Michael Line called ‘The Sun & The Serpent’ by
Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst who followed the Ley Line, dowsing it’s
gentle meanderings across England. They found it to be interconnected with
the Mary Line; male and female energies. The two are fused on the
Glastonbury Tor which he suggests as a node point where the two energies

The Micheal Line also runs through Wearyhall Hill and seems to have some
connections with St Joseph of Arimathea who is reputed to have landed by
boat here and who planted the Holy Thorn Tree. The tree is right in the
middle of the Ley Line and it is also situated over a blind spring. The
spring at Healing Waters appears to be related to this since it is in
alignment with it just below the hill on it’s lower slopes. It may be that
Healing Waters is also influenced by the powerful energies of the Michael
Line, as have often been dowsed, both in the house and by the spring.

The two lines cross at right angles on Burrowbridge Mump.This is situated
about 8 miles from Glastonbury on the road to Taunton. The Mump is not as
high as Glastonbury Tor, but it has a church on top dedicated to St.
St. Michael is the angel that challenged Lucifer and protected Mary from a
fearsome dragon. Leylines are also called Dragon Lines.

What’s on in Glastonbury?

Enrich your Life Workshop
January 16th – 10am – 5pm

[10]Byzantium Bazaar – Artists Market
Tue, 25 January 2011, 10:00 – 17:00

Mystic & Earth Spirit Fayre
Sat, 29 January 2011, 10:00 – 21:00
]First Stirring, meditation at Chalice Well

Friends of Brides Mound Imbolc pilgrimage
Both events are for Imbolc on Tue, 1 February 2011, The Well Meditation is
at 10 am – 12am and the Pilgrimmage to Bridies Mound is at 13:00 – 15:00
General Glastonbury Weekly classes and events.
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