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Taking your Healing Skills to a New Level – 6 Module Professional Training

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Date(s) - 09/04/2022 - 04/12/2022
All Day

Healing Waters Sanctuary, Kwan Yin Room


6 Module professional training in Trauma Healing for Healing Practitioners and Carers.

For people who want to make a difference to their own lives and those of others.

Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

“Do you want to help others but find yourself being overwhelmed, depressed or angry in the process?”

Are you ready as a Healing Practitioner or caring person to go beyond what you have done previously and increase your ability to help others?

Would you like in this process to have a deeper connection to your own life force energy and build a capacity to be more ‘present’?



This training is for:

Alternative Healing Practitioners,
Medical Doctors
Social workers
People who care for others

Whatever your healing modality, it is likely that you will be working with traumatized people. (By traumatized I mean that they may have erratic levels of nervous system activation and be finding life challenging.)

Most healing trainings do not offer trauma skills as part of the training.
Are you out of your depth when working with your clients. Do you have sleepless nights worrying about the person that you are working with?  Do you suffer from fear and anxiety over aspects of your work?  Do you dread working with certain people?  Do you feel that you are not getting the results that you wanted to and no matter what you do it’s not good enough?

Such situations can leave you feeling:

Not good enough

In addition, UNKNOWINGLY you may also have unresolved trauma which can cause you to be triggered by your clients. (As most people do, even therapists!)

For example are you aware that at a subconscious level you may be:

Limiting the number of people you see because you are frightened of being overwhelmed and unable to help them with their pain.

In doing this training you will start to understand the tools and techniques to enable you to deal with difficult situations, overwhelm.  Overcome fear and anxiety which will in turn help your sleep pattern, feel more confident with your clients. You will enjoy working with all people, not matter what the issues are.  You will start seeing positive results both for you and for your clients.

In doing this training you will heal your own unresolved trauma and be better equipped to help your clients.

You will be able to handle your client’s emotional and difficult behaviour excellently

As a result your healing sessions will be something that you approach with ease and confidence.

If you are working as a professional carer or healer, your business will grow as a result of your greater confidence.




Testimonials about the Training


Module 6 Students from 2021/2022 Training

Student 2021

“I just want to say THANK YOU for so many things.
I’m also very grateful to you for developing and teaching such a fantastic course. Last weekend was very challenging but deeply healing on many levels.
Reliving my own birth and participating in other people re-enactment of their birth was cathartic and shifted something deeply seated, healed some aspect of trauma. Having tools that enable us to change a narrative is priceless.
I don’t do role playing, so even the thought was triggering. I very much appreciate you holding my hand throughout this experience. Your loving, non judgemental and kind presence made it possible for me to make this journey. 🙏”
Student 2021
“I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing. The course helped me to understand the effect of trauma on myself and other people and gave me hope that step by step I will be able to unravel a tight knot of multilayered trauma and have real ME back. I already feel so much lighter and liberated. My responses to triggering life situations are changing for better on a daily basis.”
Student 2021
“The birth trauma weekend was a fabulous opportunity to heal my original story and claim a new more empowering one. I came away feeling like something had deeply shifted.”


Student 2018


“Thank you so much for an amazing experience. This course has uncovered many hidden negative beliefs that have caused me to live in a contracted and isolated way. Being brought into the light allows me to accept and move beyond these beliefs and move towards living to my full potential.

The training modules were held and facilitated in a gentle, caring way which created a space of trust in which great healing took place.”

Student 2016

“Thank you, with Love.
From Freezing to Expansion.
From Panic to Breathing.
From Isolated Madness to Shared Compassion and Loving Self Acceptance”

Student 2016.

“A great deal of changes and challenges have happened in my life this year and Juliet, Maia and the group have been an anchor for me, coupled with the healing tools, techniques and resources. I have been able to bring more harmony and balance to my nervous system and have gained an inner strength and learnt to honour my boundaries, express my feelings and communicate my needs.

I whole heartedly recommend this year long training to anyone who feels the calling.”

With gratitude.

.Student 2016

“The Healing Trauma course has taught me so much understanding and compassion for the ‘whys’ of human behaviour.
Not to mention how much I’ve learnt about myself as to how I’ve been stuck. It has given me the tools to take my life to the next level”

Student 2016

“I am feeling so happy. Thank you Maia and Juliet. You are doing a great job. The world really needs you.”

Student 2016

“I’ve learned skills to be with myself through the deepest difficulties, experienced what my body had stored and learnt not only how to release and rewrite them gently within myself but also how to help others to do the same.

When I learned more about trauma through this training I realised that this is one of the most important skills that we need for the necessary transformation we all collectively are heading towards. It is powerful and amazing.”

Student 2016

“It is (the Trauma Skills Training) a very inspiring journey that I would recommend to anyone that wants more peace in life and in the ability to deal with the relationship within themselves and others.”

Student 2016


Healing Trauma – Testimonial about the Trauma Training with Juliet Yelverton from Juliet Yelverton on Vimeo.

Trauma Skills Training – Interview with Olga Waters from Juliet Yelverton on Vimeo.

Trauma Skills Training for Healing Practitioners. Interview Juliet Yelverton & Sue Pelham from Juliet Yelverton on Vimeo.


This training draws upon the expert scientific research from a the most informed scientists in the world.

Here is a short video by Dr. Peter Levine, talking about the nervous system and demonstrating his approach to working with trauma, called somatic experiencing.


 What is included in the training:

1. 6 Modules teaching over the course of a year.

3. Course materials

2. Delicious home baked lunches and snacks throughout the weekends.

4. Private telegram group with support throughout the training.

5. Accommodation in the beautiful Healing Waters Sanctuary for an additional cost.


The six Modules are as follows:


Module 1 – Autonomic Nervous System, Somatic Awareness & Resourcing

9th & 10th April 2022

Module 2 – Activation & Trauma Spiral –11thth & 12thth June 2022

Module 3 – Titration and Pendulation – 9th & 10th July 2022

Module 4 – Creating Boundaries. Therapeutic approaches -10th – 11th September 2022

Module 5 – Pre and perinatal trauma introduction -29th – 30th October 2022

Module 6 – Reshaping the experience of trauma -3rd & 4th December 2022


Testimonials about Juliet’s work:


“I found it really powerful work and a humbling experience to see such transformation in what is relatively speaking such a short amount of time.”

Therapy Client 2010

“Over time with this therapy my soul is returning. This is truly the most beautiful experience I have ever encountered, my growing loving relationship with my soul. In a nut shell trauma therapy allows our inner self to carry out a process that allows mind body and soul to reunite.”

Therapy Client 2008

“On my darkest days, in the depths of my despair and fear, Juliet has never expressed anything but faith in my innate ability to heal and recover, even and especially when I clearly had no such faith. I have always found Juliet to be unfailingly kind, compassionate, unflappably calm, and generous with her time, wisdom, and genuine care and support. I owe her a great deal.”

Therapy Client 2007


The fee for this training includes ongoing professional back up via email and the private facebook support group.

Private Facebook Support Group:

This support group, which is totally for the exclusive use of members on the current year’s training, will provide an opportunity for members to communicate with each other and share their ongoing experiences and development. It will be encouraged for you to talk together and offer insights and wisdom along the guidelines of the training. There will be interaction on this page and support from Juliet Yelverton and an Assistant in the training.

Certification and Continued Professional Development:

If you are a health care practitioner or alternative therapist, continued professional development or CPD is an important aspect of your business. Please note that this workshop and the Healing Birth Wounds Workshop and the Trauma Training for Therapists may count towards CPD depending on your qualifying professional body. We set a standard of practice to enable you to develop and expand your skills.

We give a certificate to confirm successful completion of the training.

Further Trauma Skills Training:

This training is followed by a more Advanced Level which aims at also addressing Global Collective Trauma Issues.

If both trainings are booked together, there is a discounted price and the 4 month online trauma healing programme is included for an additional £100, normally priced £297.

Trauma Healing Programme can be seen here

Train the Trainer – Taking Trauma Healing Global

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.

About Juliet Yelverton:

“I am a Bio Dynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapist. I trained at the Karuna Institute in Devon with Franklyn Sills in 1992. Following my initial Cranio-Sacral training, I subsequently followed a series of advanced level Cranio Sacral trainings specialising in birth trauma, amongst other things. Later I studied the foundation level of Core Process Psychotherapy. I have also trained in Shock and Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild. The advanced level Cranio Sacral Trainings also incorporated the work of Dr Peter Levine, so I am well versed in somatic experiencing.

Further Training in Pre and Peri Natal Trauma Resolution – working with adults and babies

Following my Cranio Sacral training I trained for 7 years with Karlton Terry who established the Institute of Pre and Peri- natal Education. The three courses that I did with him during this time were Pre and Peri-natal Education, Embodiment, and understanding Baby Body Language.

I have been working as a therapist for the last 25 years and in particular have worked with trauma over the last 18 years. In addition, I have personally been through many traumatic experiences and healed myself.

Thank you for reading this far. I know that to do this training you are committing your time and money, both of which are really precious. In return, I offer my commitment to fully deliver to you what you need to take you to a new level as therapist and also your own personal healing. My commitment is big, also to the planet as I know that healing trauma is key to bringing world peace and ending violence, war and poverty and all the abuse that are relationships our shredded apart by. Healing trauma reconnects us.

For more information about the Vision to Heal Planetary Trauma, go to my website. JulietYelverton.com

How to Heal Trauma

This pioneering approach to trauma understands how it is important to heal the nervous system through the body. We are dealing here with the body/mind. Trauma leaves an intense package of condensed energy locked into the body and somatic experiencing allows this energy to be gently and safely released so that the brain can build new neural pathways. Accessing and experiencing our bodily sensation we become whole again. The Training draws upon the research work of Dr Peter Levine, Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr Pat Ogden and other Trauma Healing Experts.

Booking and Payment:

Price £1695 for six modules if payment is made in instalments.

Completion of instalments is necessary before the start of the training .

Early bird price if you book and pay in full in one payment the price is £1450 before September 15th 2021.    Otherwise the price is £1500.

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions before booking. You will need to scroll down the page to find the ones that apply to this training.

I look forward to meeting you and undertaking this journey to greater freedom together.

How to Book

Pay £100 deposit here and receive our free training gift when you make your deposit

Or email [email protected] with any questions. We are happy to arrange to speak with you over the phone.

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