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White Tara Mandala – Advanced Trauma Skills Training – Taking ‘Trauma Informed Healing” Global

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Date(s) - 30/10/2021 - 22/01/2023
9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Who is this training for?

Are you a professional person with a background in the Healing Arts or Caring Profession that would like to upgrade your skills and really make a difference to the world around you?

Have you worked on healing your own trauma? If you have already begun this work, the Advanced training will take you deeper in exploring what is holding you back, as well as supporting you to step up to a higher level of service that is both exciting, highly rewarding and able to make a significant difference.

What will this training do for you?

This training takes you beyond working 1:1 with clients and helps you to step onto a platform where you can take “Trauma Informed” training out into the world. It will give you the possibility of becoming part of the Healing Earth Sangha of Emissaries bringing Trauma Informed Consultancy to the much needed areas of our social sectors where it is currently lacking.


Why is this training is needed?

Trauma Healing is an imperative that is going to make a significant difference on planet earth. Most people are traumatized, yet very few know it. Trauma undermines our politics, corporate structures and our social services, leading to degradation of our lives and the environment in many ways. We have highly traumatized leaders governing in misguided and destructive ways and inflicting their pain on a traumatized population. Wrecking environmental and social destruction.

“Having a sangha to practice with creates an energy field that is more and more conscious and helps us reveal what we cannot see by ourselves. What happens with an individual creates a ripple effect back into the whole.”

Thomas Hübl


Are you ready to be the Catalyst of Change?

When we can deliver “Trauma Informed Training” to these sectors, we can expect to see social and environmental change. We are at the tipping point. Are you ready to be the Catalyst of Change???

This training is part of our developing Healing Sangha of Emissaries, bearing the light for social change. Our intention is that on completion of this training, there will be further opportunities for you within Healing Earth to be part of this Sangha delivering Trauma Informed Consultancy as well as 1:1 Trauma Healing Sessions to clients of Healing Earth. There is also the opportunity to be invited onto our Council of Elders.

This training comprises 6 modules taking place at Healing Waters in Glastonbury and live video conference calls between modules over a 2 year period./

This is a profound journey where we step deeply into what it means to be human and to suffer whilst learning how to be spacious and listen to the profound wisdom of the body and soul. It is a spiritual journey as well as an ‘academic training’. We are not alone.  We are on this journey together.  It is a symptom of our collective trauma that causes us to feel isolated and disempowered.

We are all born into a collective trauma field that dulls our senses as to what is truly driving our distress and dissociation. This keeps us from being able to transform our pain. By building a safe, coherent, relational container we can co-create our personal and planetary healing.Together we can heal.


Module 1:  Shining the Mirror – Greater Presence and Better Client Practice – 18th & 19th June 2022

Module 2:  Deepening our connection to the Body and Nervous System – 10th & 11th September  2022 

Module 3:  Working with Challenging Emotions and Difficult Client Situations – 12th & 13th November 2022 

Module 4:  Relational wounding and the embodiment process –  21st & 22nd January  2023 

Module 5: Collective & Generational Trauma, Abuse and mind control –  

Module 6:  Empowering your voice and vision to bring your soul’s intention forward into a new Earth

 Inter module Zoom sessions and online teaching:

The training includes 2 – 3 approximately 2 hour zoom classroom sessions in between each module giving supervision and further guidance on the work.

What else is included in the training?:

96 hours of live teaching and experiential healing sessions. Video recordings of each module lectures for further access on our telegram page.

A minimum of 40 hours of zoom sessions which is recorded and posted for reference, (Except where the group requests not to have content videoed for personal reasons)

In depth course booklet for each module.

Live interaction between students for further study and growth on the private telegram group.

Supplemental material to enhance your learning.

Participation in peer led practice groups.

Certificate of completion and logo for your business that it is ‘trauma informed’

How the work unfolds:

The nature of this work is group compassionate enquiry together with study of course materials.  Between module, 1:1 exchanges.

Our group will be co-creative, helping each other to heal, as well as how we can bring our unique gifts into being.  We will strengthen these gifts together with the mentoring necessary for us to be able to stand in front of the class and deliver our own research on how and where we can bring trauma informed teaching to make a difference in the world or participate in the ‘Council of Elders’ live stream video discussions on trauma related topics.  At the end of this training you will be confident in both holding 1:1 trauma healing sessions for clients and delivering a workshop on trauma healing or public speaking about it. Together we will create a Healing Sangha of Emissaries making a difference in the world.

Requirements for entrance to the training:

The training assumes that you have already completed the 1 year Professional Trauma Skills training or another similar training that has given you an understanding of healing trauma from a somatic foundation and group process work.  Should this be the case, then you will be required to undertake our 4 month trauma healing programme together with therapy work from one of our practitioner students from the Council of Elders.   Here is the link:  https://trauma-training.thinkific.com/courses/introduction-to-trauma-healing

Throughout the training, you will be required to do your own ongoing therapy work with either one of our registered practitioners or a practitioner with somatic experiencing skills and mindfulness practice.

Case Studies and Personal Work:

During this time period you will be expected to submit and present:

1.  2. Client case studies

3. A journal of your personal healing throughout the training.

4. An essay  or live talk/ presentation on the importance of trauma informed practice within a chosen sector of society.


Upon successful completion of this training you will receive  our certificate of completion and our authorization in the form of a logo for your own website saying that you are Trauma Informed and able to bring that level of Trauma Informed awareness to your own work and healing practice.

Continued Professional Development:

If you are a health care practitioner or alternative therapist, continued professional development or CPD is an important aspect of your business. Please note that this Advanced Training may count towards CPD depending on your qualifying professional body. We set a standard of practice to enable you to develop and expand your skills.



Paid in 4 installments is £1,124.50  per installment minus deposit paid here.

Paid in smaller installments £2% surcharge

Early Bird Fee:

If you book before 30th May 2021 you will qualify for a discount of 15% or £673 – The total fee is then £3825 if paid in one installment.

Booking the year 1 and Advanced training together:

If both trainings are booked together, there is a further £500.00 discount.


To ensure your place, make a deposit of £300 here.  We reserve the right of returning your deposit if we feel that this training is not suitable for your needs prior to the start of the training.



Please email [email protected] for an an application form.



Juliet Yelverton

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.












About Juliet Yelverton:

“I am a Bio Dynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapist. I trained at the Karuna Institute in Devon with Franklyn Sills in 1992. Following my initial Cranio-Sacral training, I subsequently followed a series of advanced level Cranio Sacral trainings specialising in birth trauma, amongst other things. Later I studied the foundation level of Core Process Psychotherapy. I have also trained in Shock and Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild. The advanced level Cranio Sacral Trainings also incorporated the work of Dr Peter Levine, so I am well versed in somatic experiencing

Further Training in Pre and Peri Natal Trauma Resolution – working with adults and babies

Following my Cranio Sacral training I trained for 7 years with Karlton Terry who established the Institute of Pre and Peri- natal Education. The three courses that I did with him during this time were Pre and Peri-natal Education, Embodiment, and understanding Baby Body Language.

I have been working as a therapist for the last 25 years and in particular have worked with trauma over the last 20 years. In addition, I have personally been through many traumatic experiences and healed myself.

Thank you for reading this far. I know that to do this training you are committing your time and money, both of which are really precious. In return, I offer my commitment to fully deliver to you what you need to take you to a new level as therapist and Trauma Consultancy Emissary and also your own personal healing. My commitment is big, also to the planet as I know that healing trauma is key to bringing world peace and ending violence, war and poverty and all the abuse that shreds our relationships.

For more information about the Vision to Heal Planetary Trauma, go to my website. JulietYelverton.com


Healing trauma reconnects us and heals our world.






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