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Feeling Bleak? Life springs Eternal!

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Feeling Bleak? – Life Springs Eternal!

What gives us hope when all is dark and bleak? The Celtic festival of Imbolc celebrates the first stirrings of spring, way underground whilst the world is still in the grip of the darkness of winter. The first signs that this movement is happening are the snow drops, pure white flowers that uplift me with joy. There is hope. I know that spring will come.

When we have had trauma in our lives, it is hard to imagine that there will ever be anything different. When traumatized our brain becomes stuck in the event that caused the damage. Chemicals of stress continue to flood the body at the slightest stimulus. We circle endlessly with intrusive repetitive thoughts causing feelings of hopelessness or anger. How can we get out of this vicious loop? Trauma can be caused by many different experiences. It results from an event or events that overwhelms you with a feeling that you are about to die.It could be a physical accident, or a severe illness, or longterm abuse, the exhaustion of poverty or even the ending of a close relationship. Trauma is epidemic on our planet. Because we are interconnected, we suffer when others do. We can be traumatized witnessing someone else going through life threatening or perceived life threatening events.

No matter how bad you are feeling or how hopeless, it is important to know that trauma can be healed. There will be a time, starting from this very moment, when you can begin to feel better. It is important to bring your brain chemistry up to date to this very moment. You can do this by resourcing yourself and reminding yourself that the past is over with and that you are now safe.

Anger and Guilt are the most common emotions that people experience after a traumatic event.
It is common when someone close to us has suffered especially if they have died, and particularly if they have committed suicide, to suffer these emotions. Transforming the emotions is the first step out of the darkness. It is like seeing the snowdrops appearing, telling you that things are stirring deep in the earth. You were NOT to blame for what happened. No matter how much you feel responsible. Your thoughts may be endlessly saying, ‘if only I had…..’ ‘if only I hadn’t left’ ‘if only I hadn’t forgotten to…’ The self blame goes on and on. Likewise with the anger, ‘how selfish, how could they have done that?’, ‘they caused it to happen’ ‘they left me’.

Healing comes with being compassionate for yourself. Traumatic events happen so suddenly. There is usually NO way of doing anything different. We can only be responsible for ourself. We are generally doing the very best that we can. Start to be kind to yourself. Begin to take care of yourself. You are precious and you are loved.

To begin to clear the emotions take time out just for you. Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), to release the emotions energetically from your body. EFT is a very powerful tool for healing trauma. To learn (https://healing-waters.co.uk/healing-trauma-with-emotional-freedom-technique/)

Use this special time of the year for releasing the emotions and begin to feel the energies of Imbolc stirring. This is the time of the our Sacred Lady Bridhe, who is keeper of the springs and the Sacred Flame. Here in Glastonbury she is venerated. Call upon her. Ask her to help you let go of the pain. Light a candle and compose a letter to the other person, that was involved in the traumatic event. Put all your feelings into it, all the anger and guilt. You can now take it to a place, perhaps by a spring or stream, burn it and scatter the ashes into the water. When lighting it, say, I release these feelings with forgiveness and Love. Light, Burn and Let Go.

For help, healing trauma or emotional distress:
Juliet Yelverton
01458 835859
[email protected]
healing-waters.co.uk or my youtube videos on healing from trauma.
Sacred place of Bridhe, Glastonbury

Healing Trauma can free your life

Healing Trauma can free your life

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