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Greater awareness of light and energy fields after Karmic MOT with Estelle

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Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer

Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer

Session Type: Karmic and Past Lives MOT: face to face in Glastonbury

Ok, so I am very impressed!!! To be honest, I cannot say I felt much at the time of the session, but now, two days after my session, there is a significant improvement in terms of Light around me. My vision is clearer, the air is pristine.

I have much greater awareness of energy fields around me and around people / places. At times I feel I can feel and see people so ‘deeply’ I think I could touch their souls. It is very uplifting!

Another funny thing is I have decided out of the blue to go and visit my parents in a month’s time with my daughter. That will show even better the range of your shot I would say. Looking forward to seeing the change in that relationship!

I have had lots of new insights and less resistance from good old Mind. Wonderful!

My daughter looks more relaxed too and her soul is shining.

So thank you!!!! Will see you again to clear more stuff. You are great!”

M.C., Glastonbury, England.

Testimonial for Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer at the Healing Waters Sanctuary in Glastonbury

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