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Are you struggling with a serious health problem? Then come to the Sanctuary as much as you like for the price of one stay

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I am deeply aware at the moment how much people are really needing support, especially those of you who have a really serious illness. For this reason I have decided to make it possible for people who have been diagnosed in this way to come to the Sanctuary for as many times as they like over the next 12 months (end date being 15th October 2013) for a one off payment of £250 paid before the end date of the offer and providing they have one therapy session during each stay and that the stay is a maximum of 5 days in any one booking. The other only condition is that dates for each stay are booked only 2 weeks in advance and is dependent upon availability.

If you are someone that qualify the conditions and would benefit and want to book, please contact me directly,[email protected], telling a little about yourself. I will then arrange for you to stay and invoice you. This offer is available up until 31st December 2012.

Juliet in the Healing Gardens, Glastonbury

Health is being in nature and eating good food, resting well, and feeling safe.

Please take advantage and book, I am sure that you will benefit from this generous offer.
Love Juliet

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