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Healing Birth Wounds – Workshop November 30th November – 1st December. 2013

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Healing Birth Wounds – Workshop November 30th November – 1st December. 2013

Do you suffer from vague anxieties, stuck patterns, life repeating itself in a negative spiral? Past traumatic experiences can be fermenting beneath the level of your conscious mind that you have no idea of, yet may have arisen from your earliest times in your physical body. It is hard to believe until you experience it, that you may have had experiences in the womb or even at the time of conception and yet even earlier that shaped your sense of who you are and what the world is ‘like’. These early formative experiences can undermine your health, well being and even your feelings of adequacy and prosperity. Unresolved pre and peri-natal experiences shape our whole belief system and sense of identity. They can be changed once made conscious, into life affirming and positively supporting belief systems. You were once very vulnerable when growing as a very tiny embryo. It truly was a matter of life and death. However, now you are strong and adult and can review and reshape. Are you ready and willing to do this?

Our approach to Trauma Resolution

This 2 day workshop is held compassionately and in complete confidentiality and safety and is brought to you by 2 of the most supportive and loving souls working in the field of pre and peri natal trauma process work.

How the Process Group is Run

We like to give lots of space and support, pacing the work slowly and consciously, giving each person time to feel safe and to integrate their experiences. The Process Group is run over two days with a maximum of 6 people. There are two loving souls to facilitate the exploration and re-patterning of the traumatic experiences.

Each participant will have a sacredly held space for their own exploration. They will be ‘held’ both by the facilitators and the other members of the group. This combination ensures the maximum group consciousness to unravel and transform the experience. Each person present will hold the person whose time it is, with deepest empathy and respect for all that they have been through in the journey of becoming a human being on planet earth.

The Process begins when the person whose turn it is begins to tune into, listen, feel and sense, subtle sensations in their bodies, sounds, memories, emotions, and feeling tones. This is listening and experiencing at the level of the soul that exists in the NOW where all time and space is merged into one continuous point of presence. It is accessing a deeper state of consciousness where there is information of what it is important to be conscious of and what is needed to heal.

Your two facilitators for this special weekend are Julia Duthie and Juliet Yelverton. They are wise women and have, each of them, many years of experience in supporting and healing people and helping them to birth a new authentic self.

Julia Duthie:

Julia Duthie

Juliet Yelverton

When we heal our birth wounds we heal our lives

How to Heal Trauma

This pioneering approach to trauma understands how it is important to heal the nervous system through the body. We are dealing here with the bod/ymind. Trauma leaves an intense package of condensed energy locked into the body and somatic experiencing allows this energy to be gently and safely released so that the brain can build new neural pathways. Accessing and experiencing our bodily sensation we become whole again.

Further Training in Pre and Peri Natal Trauma Resolution – working with adults and babies

Following my Cranio Sacral training I trained for 7 years with Karlton Terry who established the Institute of Pre and Peri- natal Education. The three courses that I did with him during this time were Pre and Peri-natal Education, Embodiment, and understanding Baby Body Language.

These trainings gave me an in-depth understanding, drawing upon my own personal research, of how our earliest formative experiences are held in our cellular memories, and how to access these and to re-pattern them in order to free ourselves from limiting behaviour patterns and dysfunctional belief systems. The Embodiment training allowed me to explore deeper and earlier memories of how my soul moved from the non physical realms into the physical, giving rise to me as a person, and the shock that came with that experience, together fortunately with the understanding of how to overcome that in order to align directly with my soul intention for this incarnation. I did not complete the final training which was in understanding Babies Body Language and how to work with them empathically whilst witnessing their stories of their uterine lives and their own embodiment experiences. However, I have had much experience working with babies and young children with Cranio Sacral Therapy and the part of the Baby Language Course that I completed, complimented my understanding of the intense amount of suffering that we go through in utero and how important it is to listen with Empathy when babies express this through their movements and through crying.”


Healing Waters Sanctuary at the Annexe, 73A Tor View Avenue, Glastonbury, BA6 8AG


9.30 (for 10 am start) – 6pm.


November 2013

For more information on Juliet and Healing Waters Sanctuary

If you would like to book accommodation for your weekend at Healing Waters Sanctuary

The price for this priceless weekend is £275. There is an early bird fee of £250 if booked and paid in full by the 10th July For this you can enjoy also some wonderfully nourishing food, made with love. Also a very special and dedicated sacred environment, imbued with powerful healing energies.



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