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Healing From Cancer – Miracles can happen

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Healing from Cancer – Miracles can happen

Life can be turned upside down, when suddenly you discover that you have an illness like cancer. The very name fills us with fear and feels like a death sentence. Yet the reality is that there can be a 90% cure rate for many types of cancer. It is important that action is taken soon before the body is too depleted by the cancer and the many treatments received through orthodox medicine, which although often life saving, have come to be considered as the only means to treat this illness. The truth is that there are a vast array of powerful natural remedies and electro medicine, like the Rife Machine, that are having incredible results. Knowledge is power and it is worth taking the time not to go into a fear reaction, but to expand your awareness of where you can find help.

When treating cancer, many of the factors involved would apply equally to other forms of illness. Physical disease, although striking the body, always has emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to it and in order to heal, it is necessary to address all of these. In fact an illness is a good time to totally re-evaluate your life and shift it into a new and more fulfilling experience. After all, we are all here for a purpose, even if we are not clear about it, the more we examine where our blockages lie, the closer we can come to our true path.

The trauma of finding ourselves with a life threatening illness needs to be understood and treated. Trauma happens when the brain believes that it is about to die and the body is then flooded with chemicals to preserve life through ‘fight or flight’ or ‘play dead’ mode to preserve the heart. Giving yourself time to breathe and to be reassured is important so that you know that you may not die and there is a lot that you can do to survive this experience. Take time to feel resourced and nourished and identify where your support lies. Find your friends or family members that can really get behind you to give you the help you need. If thin on the ground, then find professional people that are sensitive to your needs and understanding of what you are going through, not just forcing you to undergo treatment that you are unclear or unsure about. Consult a cancer clinic on the cancer tutor site.

Cancer has been proven NOT to be the result of DNA damage, but an immune system compromise that allowed microbes to infect your organs. DNA becomes damaged later after the cells have become cancerous. Step one is to strengthen your immune system and to reduce toxicity in the diet. Immediate action should be taken to alkalize the body so that the cancer is slowed down with green juicing, Vitamin C, D-Ribose and MSM, all easy to obtain and cheap. Immediate help with cancer

With a fast growing cancer, then action is needed to also kill the cancer cells or the microbes inside the cells that are causing the damage. As well as seeing a consultant, take time to check the information on the site, www.cancertutor.com. It is extremely comprehensive and it lists all types of cancer treatment protocols as well as clinics that can help you. It also describes each form of cancer and tells you the most effective protocol. If you are already undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then working on detoxing, alkalizing and boosting your immune system are of vital importance.

Take each day, one at a time and know that you can heal. Our bodies are amazing and our power to heal is utterly incredible. Breathe, eat good food, rest and know that you are divine. YOU CAN HEAL. For some very inspiring miraculous cures of cancer, watch these videos of Anita who totally recovered from stage 3 Lymphoma when she had only 36 hours left. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjLouLHH-_I

Wayne Dwyer, world wide teacher, writer and lecturer who recovered from Leukeamia, video

Finally Gregg Braden shows a video of a chinese hospital where a tumour is healed in 3 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr33voVMEic

For help healing trauma you can contact Juliet Yelverton at [email protected], healing-waters.co.uk

Healing Trauma can free your life

Healing Trauma can free your life

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