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Healing Gardens community project

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When I first came to Glastonbury in 1984, it was a very small town with lots of local shops and no supermarkets.

Now there are a number of supermarkets in Glastonbury and the local area, and most of the small shops have gone out of business. At this currnet time, Tesco is wanting to build another large supermarket on the edge of town and there is a lot of public opposition. Glastonbury is a transition town, part of the world wide movement to adapt to the impending planetary changes resulting from global warming and peak oil.

‘Transitioning’ is not a new concept for me. I was an ardent small holder in the 70’s. Through the 90’s I managed our self sufficient small holding in the south of france, and now I have created the Healing Gardens Community Project. It is an amazing concept and part of the new wave of small holders that don’t want to do it alone.

It is a community resource, that for a small annual fee which covers the cost of tools, seeds, public liability insuance, is available to everyone to share. How inspiring it is to have an incredible abundance of fresh organic fruit, veg and eggs, a beautiful wide open space under the sky and in sight of Glastonbury Tor and Wearyhall Hill, and a sacred spring at the centre of it all.

This is my gift to the community of Glastonbury and to myself because I can have access to this as well without all the hardwork of doing it alone. You are invited to come and participate in this vision. Please contact me here.

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