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How to heal trauma? What will it do for me?

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Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

If you are a therapist at this time in the history of the planet,
what you are meeting most often in your therapy practice, whether you realize it or not, are traumatized clients.

Practically everyone is carrying some degree of trauma and has the possibility of being healed OR re-traumatized by inappropriate therapy approaches.

Despite trauma being such an endemic problem, it’s understanding and treatment is left to a relatively small number of highly skilled individuals. But without doubt, the need for the this skill based few to increase dramatically, is imperative.

Unless we heal the trauma on our planet, there can be no hope for peace and only an escalation in violence, war and poverty.

Traumatized people exist with their lives limited and disempowered, either in a state of complete overwhelm and unable to take decisive action in their lives or they are highly charged and prone to anger and anxiety attacks. Neither state is helpful if we are turning our planet around from the brink of disaster.

Working for many years as a trauma therapist, I have now decided that it is better to dedicate my time to training others in healing trauma. Practitioners of all kinds should have this training, including those in the medical profession. Also it is imperative that teachers and social workers as well as members of the law enforcement professions should have a grounding in trauma resolution skills.

I am offering a training for all such individuals and first of all am making available an introductory one day workshop as a taster for the training that is to follow.

For more information, please visit: Introductory Workshop

Here is the full training. ‘Raising Your Healing Vibration through Understanding Trauma’

Or to contact me directly, email: [email protected]

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