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Join us for an Avalon Journey 2013 – Staying 4 days at Healing Waters Sanctuary

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Avalon Journey 2013
May 20-29, 2013
The Flowering of the New Earth

Sacred Sites ~ Crop Circles ~ Holy Wells
Meditations ~ Activations ~ Ceremonies

Your Sacred Journey Guides

Elizabeth HeartStar
Spiritual Astrologer, & Avalon
Oracle and Guide since 1995.

Dr. Jewels Maloney
Conscious channel for the Magdalene.
Author of Mary Magdalene:
The Christos-Sophia Revelation.

For full information and to register
Visit our website

Celebrate Magdalene
Venus & the Honeybee

Glastonbury ~ Ancient Isle of Avalon
Gaia’s Heart Chakra

Stonehenge Eclipse Ceremony

7th Avebury Bee Ceremony

Mystical Tintagel on the Cornwall Coast

The Beautiful Ancient City of Bath

Magic, Beauty & Friendship
Await You!

Come Join us
in Creating a Chalice of Love

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