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Uranus-Pluto and a whole heap of karma: how to ride the big energies

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Karmic MOTYou may have been wondering why the energies have been quite so intense of late and how best to deal with the emotional turmoil they create. As I write we have just gone through the apex point of the fourth in a series of seven ‘exact’ squares between Uranus and Pluto. When these two celestial bodies are at the same degree and square each other, an uncomfortable chasm opens up between the old and the new: Uranus takes us into our future and Lord Pluto, king of the unconscious, reminds us of our past.

When Pluto is engaged in this way it’s karma, karma everywhere and old emotional patterns, probably from many lifetimes, begin to surface so that we can recognize them and flush them out.

As Sarah Varcas from Astro-Awakenings.uk describes it like this:
“This is no astrological alignment for the faint hearted…It has powerful karmic overtones. If we want to work with this energy in a constructive way we’re going to have to embrace the darker side of our psyche, the unappealing aspects of life and the repressed energy which fuels us from the shadows and distorts much of who we are and what we do. To reap its rewards we really are going to have to face up to what and who we are, who we have been and what that means for us here and now today.”

But what if our continued efforts to free ourselves and to face up to our shadow side just don’t seem to yield results? What if the energies we are repressing, and the reasons why we hold onto them, are so deeply buried in our subconscious that we don’t know how to access them?

As a Forensic Energy Healer at the Healing Waters Sanctuary, helping people plumb the depths of their subconscious minds in a useful and fruitful way is something that I have a lot of experience of. I have worked with many talented clients to identify the exact energies that are holding them back and preventing them from enjoying their lives and relationships. The ongoing presence of the Uranus-Pluto energies has inspired me to bring all my experience together in a new healing package. It is specifically designed to release the deep wounds and karma still carried by many “old souls”. The healing package is called “The karmic MOT” and is available either as a 5 day retreat (exclusively at The Healing Waters Sanctuary) or via sessions delivered by phone or Skype.

A Karmic MOT can create significant energetic shifts in your life. It can give you a new sense of freedom and a powerful connection with your true nature. The process is incredibly helpful to people who are experiencing any of the following:

· an inability to cope with or detach yourself from relationships that you know have a negative effect on you;

· overwhelming feelings of helplessness or of being trapped;

· feelings of disempowerment (as if you are a spectator in your own life);

· deep feelings of guilt or shame;

· deeply entrenched patterns of negative behaviour and / or self-sabotage;

· an inability to express your needs and / or to stand up for yourself

· feeling blocked from accessing your gifts and full potential (particularly as a healer)

· prolonged or repeated episodes of depression and / or chronic fatigue (ME)

The next Uranus Pluto square is April 12-29, 2014. For some it will be another intense time of struggling with old patterns and energies. But for those who have cleared their karmic blocks, the same energies will provide the opportunity of a lifetime. They will be using the square’s unique energies to anchor all their experience as souls so far, to access their deepest levels of creativity and to move forward with their soul’s real mission and their soul’s biggest dreams.

The energies of the Uranus Pluto square are a constant feature of the energetic landscape for the next two years, even when there is no direct square. To help you free yourself from the past and step into your future as gracefully and powerfully as possible, we are making the Karmic MOT healing package available at Healing Waters Sanctuary and via phone or Skype from the beginning of December 2013.

Read the Karmic MOT and Energy Body Clearing to find out more. Or call Estelle to book a FREE fifteen minute initial consultation on: 07539 780107

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