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Living in the Galactic Centre – Your Intentions for 2013

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Living in the Galactic Centre

Your intentions for 2013 

We have aligned with the centre of the Galaxy. Those who predicted Apolcalypse at the end of 2012 must be disappointed. We are still here. But at what cost? 2012 and the years leading up to it has been a major planetary upheaval and a time of immense change. If you have survived this far then, well done and congratulations for arriving at the Galactic Centre. Have you come through with your life intact and nothing changed, or did you also have everything torn apart?

Joanna Macey, Eco-Philosopher in her talks on uncertainty says, when ‘in uncertain times we are on the knife edge of our truest power.’ Traditionally New Year is the time for New Year Resolutions. It must be more so when the New Beginnings is actually the beginning of a whole new epoch of human consciousness, the beginning of the next cycle of the Mayan Calendar. How can we be present with the uncertainty of the moment and yet set clear intentions as to the our future lives? The most potent place of power is when we can be at peace with all our pain and suffering, whatever has happened that has turned our lives upside down until we no longer recognize ourselves. Did your life turn out differently from what you had hoped for? Are you at a loss now as to how you can rebuild? In these last few years we have been through incredible hardship. We have lost our homes and families. Our health has suffered. Even our personal identity has often been destroyed. All these are very traumatic experiences. But we can heal from them.

Tom Campbell, Nasa Physcist, says that Love is the highest order of consciousness and it is what we are all moving towards. It is the consciousness of the greatest social stability. Fear destroys and separates. Love strengthens and builds. Have you been able in the midst of uncertainty, to stay with the love and not gone with the fear? In doing this have you been able to build new relationships and connections, weaving together a new life? As our planet has sailed towards the middle of the universe and we have aligned with the Central Sun, we have aligned also with the Heart of the Galaxy, the powerful love centre. Love heals and overcomes all pain.

Before plunging into 2013, take some time to reflect upon your journey in these chaotic times. Choose somewhere comfortable and safe. Light a candle. Ask your Angels or Guides to be present, or loved ones on the other side. Allow your breathing to settle into a quiet and relaxed state. Notice any feelings of comfort that you have in your body and allow them to spread as much as they want to throughout your whole body. Say aloud, I AM SAFE. When ready, ask to be shown what is the most important thing that you need to heal in this moment. Pay attention to your body. The answer may come as a sensation, a sound or image. Be receptive to that. When you have a sense of it, then tell yourself ‘I love and accept this just as it is’

Breathe this love and acceptance through your body until you can be at peace with it. Bring your attention to your heart feel it connected to the Heart at the Centre of the Galaxy. You are now aligned to the Galactic Heart. With each heart beat, the powerful love from the Galactic Heart flows into your heart. Your heart merges with the Galactic Heart as a single heartbeat. Continue with this for as long as you like. When you come to the end, say ‘thank you, I am at peace and fully present to my life. I am ready and willing to embrace whatever comes today.’

For more help with healing trauma, or to book a retreat to have personal time for you to reflect and heal, you can contact me directly at [email protected]. Or go to the blog on my website healing-waters.co.uk. You can also find me on you tube as Juliet Yelverton, where I have videos on healing from trauma.

Healing Trauma can free your life

Healing Trauma can free your life

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