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Metatronic Soul Therapy

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You can experience a powerful healing using the sacred geometry tools.

These tools combine the science of Radionics with Sacred Geometry and as such can be perceived as ‘interdimensional communicating devices’.   The combination of pure quartz crystals and magnets in sacred geometric configuration acts as transitor/receivers. These allow us to telepathically communicate with our divine blueprint and DNA, thereby facilitating a process of self healing and soul alignment.

The therapy takes place inside the Pyramid under the Christ Consciousness grid and consists of lying on a Metatronic Electro-Magnetic mat which contains a grid of pure quartz crystals and neodynium magnets on a pattern aligned to the  sacred proportions of the vesica pisces.  This  brings the brain into a deep meditational relaxation, causing the body to release tensions, patterns and restrictions whilst simultaneously stimulating and harmonising all the meridians in the body

The mat is attached to a Matreya Solar Cross, the most powerful of all the metatronic healing tools.  This draws negative and disharmonious energies through it’s central vortex and transmits them out again as harmonious and healed energies.

The person receiving the healing also holds two powerful sky vajras made from pure quartz crystals and gold plated  neodymium magnets wound with copper wire. Throughout the healing the client listens to the meditation tapes of His Holiness Gyalwa Jampa.  This is very inspiring and takes one into a deep meditational space where emotional and spiritual blockages are released and transformed.

Metatronic Soul Therapy can also be received as absent healing.  Please ring or email to arrange this.


The Metatronic Soul Therapy System

Soul Therapy Music was recorded by His Holiness Jetsun Gyalwa Jampa to be is used for Puja Meditation and for the blessing of a loving quiet mind in Tibetan Monasteries, Dharma centers, healing centers, offices and homes around the world. It can be played when meditating at home or working on patients in the case of practitioners, or in the background, even better, continually for a cleansing, clearing effect in any room.
This puja music can also be used as mentioned in the teaching below by His Holiness for exorcism.
Reading the words does not have the same effect as listening to or playing the music, as H. H. Gyalwa Jampa is an exorcist, and has done all of the music spontaneously, it allows His Presence to be transmitted through the sounds. “How receptive is someone to an exorcism? They get angry and want to get away and that is a symptom and the use of the Etheric Weaver and the CD pujas will allow the possession to end. There is a belief system that we cannot mess with another person’s right to be possessed. A real, true person who helps someone sees beyond the limitation of that person. You can put so many people into an Etheric Weaver healing and it is not affecting them on a personal level and their choices – you are directly working with the person’s soul and we do not have an individual soul but a collective soul. Doing good for another person makes you good”
H. H. Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo, January 2005 The Metatronic Healing tools and CDs, when used together amplify the transmission of His Holiness Gyalwa Jampa’s blessings.


The Pyramid is built to a precise angle as found in the Great Pyramid, and the design of that helps to enhouse the sacred energy patterns of the Earth, aligning a very sacred relationship to us as Human Beings. When we meditate in the Pyramid it aligns the reality of Earth, the energy of the vibration of Earth in all of its sacredness, its merit, its goodness, its place with God, with Masters of Wisdom and Saints, who have incarnated and evolved. When you meditate, just like in a great Temple, it is slowly bringing out that geometric proportion, bringing out the Earth’s good karma and makes it more receptive for your psychic energy to tap into those things. The Shambhala Pyramid Meditation Systems stimulate Planetary as well as Personal Healing.



The Pyramid is the same shape as the Holy Stupa. All over the world people practice meditation in a restful and peaceful place. The Pyramid creates the same spiritual realm as a holy Temple or Mandala. Practicing Meditation in the Pyramid improves telepathic communication and improves all other aspects of personal life: relationships become deeper; the personality becomes more honest and humble and other members of the family and those connected with you benefit. Pyramids are found all over the planet and are mainly based on the geometric proportion of the octahedron, which is the diamond shape of two pyramids mirrored. In contrast to this, the Great Pyramid and others at Cheops in Egypt are different, they have a 51 degree angle that correlates to the principles of measurement that include the circumference of the earth, the distance between the earth and the moon and the distance between the earth and the sun. The creator of the Great Pyramid knew these measurements – which is hard to imagine because only recently we have the technological ability to determine these measurements accurately. At Cheops the angle of the octahedron pyramid was changed to reflect the mathematical position that the Earth has in relationship to our Solar System and the orbiting moon around it. These proportions give the Great Pyramid the ability to be a transmitter receiver of highly advanced races. For such communication it requires highly advanced understanding of one’s true place in their solar system. It is a representation of the truth on a very advanced level. When a form like this is built, it sends out a message through the cosmos to other races and planets that may have other beings on it of the exact same Law of the Truth. Telepathically all of our energy can be receptive on a galactic level and enhance the evolution of ourselves and those other beings through applied geomancy. The Great Pyramid is a principle of communication for that purpose.In relationship to the level of energy inside of the pyramid it is not so much a result of the pyramid but the effect the person who built it. The pyramid is just a manifestation of the consciousness of the person who built it. For the pyramid to be activated it would require that same consciousness to reactivate it. That is why things are changing now, the person who built the Great Pyramid is using the same geomancy to awaken the whole planet. That is why people feel what they do through the vajras and pyramids that H. H. Gyalwa Jampa puts out. The origin of geomancy and planetary ascension is the job of the Buddha and the office of the Christ, and is known as the working out of the Plan of the Planetary Logos. In H. H. Gyalwa Jampa’s work and externalization, masses of humanity helped him build the Great Pyramid in the past and they were all energized by it. These are the same people now working with the vajras, and turning over the Monasteries to His Holiness. The people who built the pyramids are the same people who built the Monasteries, right now they are known as the Masters of the Trans-Himalayan group. That is where the whole collective of the Master builders, the building of the Buddhaic Plane and the cooperation with the Buddha takes place. That is why the largest number of pyramids in the world are located in China and Tibet. Just imagine very rarely does anybody on this whole planet have a realization of God, let alone have a realization of Earth, that they want to remain here and that they want to reincarnate because they know the truth and they cooperate with the fact that this is Heaven. Since that is rare then the truth must be that for humanity this is hell. This means that when you die you go to hell and you come back here, which is hell. It is what you make of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I meditate in a Soul Therapy Pyramid? The most simple explanation is that the body, plants, animals and minerals are all based on geometric Pythagorean principles and the pyramid is based on the human ratio, that is the exact ratio of the 51 degree pyramid. So when you are inside it, it is extremely similar to yourself but in perfect order, so it brings order back to yourself. The best similar is something that radiates in perfect harmony as you would if you were in prefect harmony.

What is happening during Soul Therapy Meditation? The pyramid is laying out the geometric pattern for the person inside to communicate in their head and pick up the planet and the planet is moving through them and they are offering up themselves to heal the planet. The Planet is like a big Planetary Soul. Each corner of the pyramid has a corner octahedron and it pulses and so the person inside is radiating out into the local area, then out 10 miles, 20 miles. If you are in there for an hour, you radiate out to the whole planet and that is Buddha consciousness. The Planet is Buddha and everything here is of Buddha’s mind, so all that energy can manifest and connect to the individual inside and they connect with that energy. So every person can become Buddha and the person in Soul Therapy connects to the energy of themselves as Buddha in the future – so you become a better person and you start to behave as the Buddha that you are.

Why all Pyramid Systems are not the same? When making a pyramid certain metals or even stones have to be used in order to create the Earth’s energetic field from a mineral level. All the other kingdoms are raise up from the foundation of the mineral kingdom. The vegetable kingdom responds to the mineral kingdom as do the animal and human kingdoms. The mineral kingdom responds to the light in the form of electricity and radiation so when you are building something that is applying light and electro-magnetic fields and is an energetic principle, you have to work with those laws. The pyramid also has to apply perfect geometric proportion. Our pyramids are built in absolute perfection: all of the corners are made correctly, each one has a 24K gold plated capstone and octahedron corner connectors and is made out of copper, allowing them to be proportionally correct unlike other pyramid systems. Metal pyramids often have connections at each bottom corner that are very strange, they can have bolts or just be connected together with wire or string to make the 3 poles come closely together. In many pyramids, the corners do not come to a point. Instead they are squared off or are just not perfectly proportioned. Cardboard or wooden pyramids are made from inert matter and so do not resonate with electrical or magnetic fields so they will not have a very strong connection with the Earth’s magnetic field. Pyramids made out of glass and plastic are the same.

Why does the Pyramid System need to be blessed? Pyramids have a highly astral potential if they are not blessed in a very clear and soulful way, by a person who is a strong radiatory or pranic healer. This usually means a high Lama or Rinpoche who lives their life in Monastic study, has the focus of tone and elemental energy and knows how to give blessings and radiate light into material objects. This protects from the psychic energy that is generated if a person begins yoga or performs any other ceremonies, as these practices can open a person up to lower psychic elementals and demonic possession, which is what any meditation can do, even inside of a pyramid. Our pyramid systems are built only by Monks and Nuns with no financial focus because the money that comes from them goes directly to build and support Monasteries.In the 1960s a lot of people used pyramids and did not experience much effect from them. Those who did experience something often did not receive good effects as being in the Pyramid made them feel ungrounded and made life kind of distorted. This process pushed them in kundalini, on an astral level, so for many years no-one bought a pyramid. Being in Pyramids did not further anyone because these pyramids were not blessed and were not made correctly. Such a high temple needs to be blessed to function correctly, otherwise it is effectively just a lampshade and will do little for you.

Can you explain some of the uses for a Shambhala Pyramid System?Ideally the system should have its own dedicated room with the Soul Therapy Music playing 24/7.The systems can be used for Soul Therapy meditations, Etheric Weaver healing sessions, a focal point for group meditations, Chair meditations, Massage, Sleeping (fits over a twin to double bed with extension pole sets available for Queen size beds), food, vitamin, essence, water and plant vitalization.

In the future, the systems will be used in every hospital, major clinic, prison, insane asylum, old people’s home and orphanages not as a part of money or medicine but to help the people who have the karma that put them in those places have an opportunity to untie that karma, purify and cleanse their vehicles so they will never have to go back there.


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