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Murdoch’s Empire Falls – Openhand News and Summer Retreat

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Free speech prevails

Wow! What a turn up for the books. Anyone who doubts that softly spoken truth and honesty can prevail against the high and mighty can think again.

The collapse of the UK’s best selling tabloid “The News of the World”, due to the ongoing phone hacking scandal is very big news indeed. In Britain, and no doubt other countries too, the main stream media has very definitely shaped the political landscape – the Matrix – in which you and I live. Such organisations are clearly responsible for brainwashing much of society into lifestyles that do not serve. But this disharmony cannot persist indefinitely. The event is so vitally important because it shows that ultimately, it is freedom of thought, feeling and speech that will prevail……

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The News of our Times

An insight into The Transfiguration Workshop

As with so many of our experiences on this amazing gathering of souls that was The Transfiguration 2011, our parting was a heavenly paradox of mixed emotions. We had bared our souls and found an eternal bond of connection. We had gone deep into our darkness and discovered an eternal light. Join us then with a few final words to sum up our feelings as the course closed until next year. From Trinity and myself, we’d like to offer a profoundly humbling and heartfelt thanks to those who took part physically, and of course to those of you joining us in spirit through our virtual community Openhandweb. “Near far, wherever you are, I know that the heart does go on”…

Full sharings from the rolling journal and new photos from the gathering:

The Transfiguration, a rolling journal…

Openhand Summer Retreat – just a couple of places left

Our Summer Retreat has been booking quickly with a very international gathering of people from all parts of the world. The retreat offers a transformational spiritual development experience. In a safe and nurturing environment, it will help dissolve away blocked energy on our evolutionary journey and unleash the awesome majesty of our being. In helping us realign with our soul, the retreat intensifies our inner guidance mechanism so that we may recenter on our true life’s path. It provides the perfect opportunity to truly engage our life-force, rejuvenating mind body and spirit, so that we may approach life invigorated with a new sense of purpose and direction. It takes place from 29th July to 1st August in Glastonbury, a place known throughout the world fro it’s deeply catalytic and evolutionary energy.

A few final words of wisdom.

“Humanity grows more and more intelligent,
yet there is clearly more trouble and less happiness daily. How can this be so?
It is because intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom.

When a society misuses partial intelligence and ignores holistic wisdom, its people forget the benefits of a plain and natural life. Seduced by their desires, emotions, and egos, they become slaves to bodily demands, to luxuries, to power and unbalanced religion and psychological excuses. Then the reign of calamity and confusion begins. Nonetheless, some people can awaken during times of turmoil to lead others out of the mire. But how can the one liberate the many? By first liberating his own being. He does this nor by elevating himself, but by lowering himself. He lowers himself to that which is simple, modest, true; integrating it into himself, he becomes a master of simplicity, modesty, truth. Completely emancipated from his former false life, he discovers his original pure nature, which is the pure nature of the universe. Freely and spontaneously releasing his divine energy, he constantly transcends complicated situations and draws everything around him back into an integral oneness. Because he is a living divinity, when he acts, the universe acts.”

Lao Tzu

With Love

on behalf of Openhand

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