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Myofascial release

Therapist: Michelle Blackmore 










Myofascial release is a highly target form of massage aimed at releasing the body’s fascia using a constant but very slow  firm pressure.
This is a specialised treatment for chronic pain and discomfort caused by repetitive movement.

Symptoms  include:
 A deep aching pain from deep inside the muscle. 2) Persistent pain.
3) Worsening pain.
4) Muscle knots sensitive to touch.
5) Trouble sleeping due to pain or discomfort.


So what is fascia?

Fascia is found between the skin and muscles and is a very strong flexible web-like film.  It’s protects the muscle whilst provide structural support and gives shape to muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments whilst allowing freedom of movement.  These layers can become thick and distorted caused by repetitive movements, injury and poor posture.  This then leads to spasms, pain around the pain around the joints, pulled muscles and conditions such as frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.  Poor posture causes other muscles to be used and when this happens the fascia thickens to protect the incorrect muscle from overstretching or injury. 


How is Myofascial Release different from Sports Massage?

Sports massage works with soft tissue and the overall muscles of the body to reduce tension and Myofasical works only with the fascia to relieve the tension caused by muscle restrictions. The touch is very different, sports massage is kneading and stoking and myofascial release is very firm and slow pressure and move my only occurs when the fascia starts to release.  Sports massage will use oils whereas myofascial uses none. 

Who benefits from Myofascial Release?

1) Treatment for injuries and prevention of injuries
2) Desk bound people with poor posture
3) Chronic pain
4) When nothing else works. 

What to expect?

There is no time limit on myofascial release.  The therapist will work with the body until fascia releases.  You might feel other sensations in other parts of your body when fascia starts to release.  You can experience some pain but should notice immediate improvement in pain level and flexibility.