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November Newsletter & courses Healing Waters

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It is a pleasure to connect with you again!

Since my last newsletter to you I have been all the way to Malaysia and
back. I went there to face my fear! Have you ever felt that your life
could move forward with greater ease if you were not crippled by Fear?

What is Fear? Fear is a feeling in the body created to keep you in your
‘comfort zone’. It is an anticipation of an unreal future event, that
generates a state of anxiety in your body through a cascade of adrenaline
from your nervous system. It may be based on a past experience that is no
longer relevant in your life.

Have you had a past experience that keeps you shackled to your comfort zone,
that cripples your life and prevents you from achieving all that you could

Often these past events may have left a traumatic imprint in the body, that
becomes activated every time the brain is triggered by seeing or hearing
something that happaned at the time of the trauma. Does this happen to you?

_I can help you overcome your fear and trauma._

Around the world at the moment, billions of people are deeply desiring a
change from a world of poverty and suffering. This change is really
possible. We are on the brink of it now!
However, in order for this change to happen we need to be able to move
through our fears and also to heal the trauma that is endemic in the human
populations world wide.

If you would like to understand more about the insidous affects of trauma
and how it keeps causing people to re enact the terrible experiences that
have happaned to them, then please read this article that I recently wrote.

The Global Impact of Trauma Search for it in the blog.

It is vital at this time that we learn to recognize trauma in all it’s
manifestations, and be able to heal it.

For this reason, I have decided, together with my colleague, Carol Kemble to
offer a training at Healing Waters, to enable you to heal trauma.

_I am sending you all, heartfelt blessings in these extremely challenging
Remember, that if we can be of pure hearts, the divisions that create fear,
hatred and confusion in the world, will dissolve, allowing us to flow
together in one great river of love, uniting the whole of humanity.
Juliet – Mantrica Sacred Dawn_

Glastonbury Legends

In England it is said that the Holy Thorn still blooms at midnight on
January 5th, the date of the Old Christmas Eve. The calendar was changed in
1752 and the Christmas festival was moved backward to its present date, but
the tree remains faithful to the earlier calendar.

The Holy Thorn comes from the thornwood staff of St Joseph of Arimathea.

Long ago,he arrived by boat at the Isles of Avalon, (Glastonbury), landing
at Wearyhall Hill, where he thrust his staff made from hawthorn into the
ground. It rooted itself and grew, and every year since then it has
blossomed on January 5th, as well as at the normal time in April.
Cuttings of the original Glastonbury Thorn (which was destroyed by the
Puritans, who did not approve of Christmas celebrations) were fortunately
taken and planted elsewhere, and some of these are still alive today. There
is currently one on Wearyhall Hill another in Glastonbury Abbey, one in the
Chalice Well Gardens and previously there was one in St. Johns’s Churchyard.

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