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Pre-natal Psychology and Birth Trauma Therapy – Brief Description – Juliet Yelverton

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Many emotional disturbances, anxieties and physical disorders can have their roots in our earliest embryological development. Conception, implantation, gestation in the womb, birth and neonatal interventions can give rise to serious trauma which impact upon our adult life For instance, addictive patterns, autism, neck pain etc.

These early traumatic events can be accessed through various ‘regression’ techniques. This personal investigation, facilitated by the therapist, leads the client to a deeper understanding of their trauma. Repatterning and thus healing can then be initiated.

It is therefore possible to heal as adults from these early wounds. Babies treated as close to their birth as possible also respond very quickly to the therapy.

This work is based on the pioneering research of Dr William Emerson, Ray Castellino, and Franklyn Sills and Karlton Terry. I am currently undergoing further extensive pre-natal and birth psychology and trauma training with Karlton Terry who has worked for over 10 years with Dr William Emerson.

-Juliet Yelverton

For in depth information on these subjects I recommend that you search for the names of the above mentioned researchers.


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