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Why Quan Yin is a permanent guest at Healing Waters

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Quan Yin

Quan Yin: a permanent guest at Healing Waters

Presiding deities at Healing Waters

When people open their hearts to love, grace, compassion and mercy, and bring their attention to the specific deities who embody these qualities, a special kind of magic happens. When we open our heart to a spiritual guide or archetype such as Quin Yin, she opens her heart to us in return.

Several members of the Healing Waters healing team feel a particular affinity with the energy of Quan Yin and often invite her into their private meditations as well as their Healing sessions. Although, we also call upon other sources of help from many other spiritual traditions, there seems to be a special resonance with Quan Yin.

As well as being a powerful bodhisattva of compassion, Quan Yin is one of the San Ta Shih, or the Three Great Beings, renowned for their power over the animal kingdom or the forces of nature.

She is depicted here with a great dragon. This beautifully shows the link between this East Asian Goddess and Healing Waters as the sanctuary is situated at the bottom of Wyrial Hill, on the Michael (or dragon) line at the heart of Glastonbury’s sacred landscape. What better venue to host your workshop or event, or to come on a personal healing retreat?

Blog author: Estelle Gillingham

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